A Mamie pink bathroom built from scratch — sneak peek of Nanette and Jim’s latest project

midcentury pink bathroomRemember Nanette and Jim’s wonderful blue bathroom remodel that ended up winning our 2013 The Hard Way Award – Bathroom Category? The couple has been at it again — this time transforming their main floor bathroom into a Mamie pink potty paradise. While we wait patiently for Nanette and Jim to put the finishing touches on the space, Pam and I decided we couldn’t possibly keep it to ourselves and decided to pass along our sneak peek.

vintage wallpaperNanette writes:

We’ve been at it again!! After we finished our blue bathroom (winner of the The hard way, thank you!!), we completely gutted our upstairs bathroom and returned it to pink. (We could see pink paint coming through underneath a really terrible Home Depot remodel that was falling apart.) We just put up the vintage wallpaper this past weekend, and it’s looking so good. Everything in this room is absolutely new to the room (vintage: Crane sink, pink toilet, lights and NOS shower handles).

midcentury pink bathroomWe are nearly done, not quite ready for a final debut but wanted to let you know it will be done soon. Still need to finish a shelf and “stage it.” Jim also wants me to paint a swan design on the glass shower doors, I’m thinking a frosted glass swan detail would be better.

midcentury pink bathroommarmoleum-floor-inlaidWe’ll include the full list of sources used when we run the “finished” story. Meanwhile, we couldn’t wait to ask Nanette about that yummy floor. What is it? She replied:

The floor is inlaid Marmoleum. I have a friend who does floors and specializes in Marmo, and he gave me a killer deal on this job, it was a bit arduous to install. I was able to watch them install it and it was like cutting a dress out of fabric from a pattern with inlaid details. They made a pattern with lots of notes. I purchased and picked up the marmo, we prep’d the floor but they installed it.

midcentury pink bathroom

Will keep you posted on the glass project and let you know when it’s done, we love it too. We had a vintage themed cocktail party this weekend and on a tour someone said “at least they didn’t gut the pink bathroom”, this made our day, all new but fooled a vintage aficionado upon first observation!

I think I speak for everyone here when I say, “We love your bathroom!” We can’t wait to see the final, finished room and hear about all the trials and tribulations you faced during this remodel. Plus — how cool is it to have someone think your newly remodeled pink bathroom is original to the house? Great work, Nanette and Jim!

  1. Tracy Elmore says:

    How beautiful! Love every single detail. I can imagine the breck and prell in the bathtub.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, I originally posted this comment on the wrong pink bathroom reveal. Where did you get the wallpaper in this post? It looks kind of beach-themed. I think it might go well in my 1951 pink and burgundy bathroom.

  3. Lisa says:

    I LOVE your from-scratch pink bathroom. I have to ask which pink tile you went with? It is perfect! Is it the B & W tile that Kate used? We just purchased an old house and I dream of putting in a period appropriate pink bath myself. As a matter of fact, I just drove 3 hours today to pick up a FREE pretty pink potty! It’s a Crane so I am on the hunt for a matching sink and tub. Both of your bathrooms are a huge inspiration. I have studied every single detail. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Nanette says:

      Yes Lisa, it’s the same pink Kate used, from B&W. We highly recommend them! How exciting that you found a pink Crane toilet!!! That’s a score. Good luck with the pink sink and shower too! Thanks for the kind words, it’s been a lot of fun.

  4. SpaceCadetNM says:

    I so admire both of Nanette and Jim’s bathrooms! I’m hoping to make a bathroom similar to the blue one, but can’t find the 2X6 liner tiles since Daltile discontinued them. I see that you used 2X4 tiles on the pink bathroom, and wonder if you’d share where you found them. Thanks!

    1. Nanette says:

      We got our 2×4 liner white Daltile at Home Depot! All the pink came from B&W (who we adore) but we went w/ Dal white from home depot to save a little $$. I actually really liked B&Ws white better, it’s a nice soft warm white whereas Dal’s is a little cooler as I recall.

  5. tammyCA says:

    Lovely bathroom! I love my 1940s-’50s ceramic flamingos but have to keep them up & away of kids & dogs…mine weren’t cheap ‘tho.

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