Shawn installs a NOS chrome exhaust fan cover from our secret supplier – oh so retro pretty!

chrome exhaust fan coverToday, another happy ending to report — and by golly — we love those. Doesn’t that shiny chrome exhaust fan cover look amazing next to Shawn’s starburst towel hooks? He ordered a NOS Emerson Pryne chrome exhaust fan grille cover for his bathroom from our secret source — House of Fans — matched up to a new Nutone 8310 exhaust fan. With a little help making a custom part from a local lamp shop and a stock chrome finial cap, Shawn’s bathroom is now business.

Shawn writes:

So glad you posted about the NOS chrome grille covers from House of Fans! Just finishing up the details of my bathroom renovation, and this cover is awesome. So shiny that I almost feel like I have a chromed out car. Lol

I used this with the Nutone 8310 fan. It comes with a threaded rod that’s only 2″ but I needed a 2.5″ one to fit the taller grille cover. My local lamp parts shop cut a 1/4-27 threaded rod to 2.5″ for me which also fit basic finial cap in chrome.

Oh, and round 11.5″ filter from eBay for $7!

We’ve heard from lots of readers who have successfully combined new fans and these NOS grille covers over the last few years since our story broke — and that just gives us a case of the warm fuzzies.

Be sure to read our original story for additional reader tips on mating one of House of Fan’s NOS grille covers with a Nutone exhaust fan–>

  1. Joe Felice says:

    This is cool. I’d like to have one in my kitchen, but I don’t have an outside exhaust. While we’re on the subject of fans, you may want to alert people about the hidden danger of fans made before 1980. They should ALL be replaced, as they do not have thermo-protected motors, which can overheat and start fires. Grease, lint & hair build up on the fan parts, and the hot motor can ignite them. Ditto for some types of insulation. As a property manager, I have had several fires started in this way. In those properties, the insurance carriers require that all fans be replaced with newer ones.

  2. Karin Jeffrey says:

    Thanks everybody for all your tips. I will definitely get two chrome grilles from House of Fans, one for the kitchen, and one for the bathroom. I hope they still have two of them in stock. I’ve always liked them. When my parents moved into their 1956 bungalow, there was a chrome fan/vent with a pull chain on the kitchen backsplash which opened to the outside. It worked very well. When my parents had the kitchen retiled in the 70s, the chrome vent was removed and replaced by a Nutone hood over the stove. My father saved and recycled a lot of stuff, but the chrome grille disappeared. Maybe the tilers threw it away. Our neighbors kept their kitchen grille, and their son proudly showed it to me recently. He said that he had a heck of a time finding filters, but finally located them in a restaurant supply store. Now I have something to remind me of my parents’ kitchen. Thank you.

  3. Dave Steers says:

    I purchased a new Nutone fan cover several years ago, before they went to only plastic covers. When it came, I was very disappointed to see that it had a satin finish rather than the bright finish that they used to have. I took it to my favorite plating guy (back when they could still do chrome plating in Denver). I asked if the fan cover could be plated and he said that the dividers were too thin and wouldn’t make it through the plating process. But,,,, he said that he could polish it and make it look like chrome even though it is aluminum. I told him ‘yep, let’s do it’. He also clear-coated it and it came out beautifully! So, for any fan covers with a satin finish…. I think it came to about $35 (minimum charge at his shop). I’m happy

  4. pam kueber says:

    Thanks for the tip. I have one of these in my kitchen, too. That said: I need me an Emerson-Pryne!

  5. Joe Felice says:

    Dave, did you go to that guy over off the Valley Highway who recycles chrome bumpers & does chrome work? They had a story about him on the evening news just a couple of nights ago. His last name is Guerrero. (And I think his first name might be Dave.) I can’t imagine there are many people who do chrome plating anymore.

  6. Dave Steers says:

    Wow, I thought the City Of Denver had shut down all chrome plating operations. Great to hear that somebody might still be doing it locally. When I did a Bing search on “chrome plating in Denver”, I got four hits. All worth checking on, but I have seen websites that are out of date by as much as a year or more. Do they still do chrome plating???
    On which evening news channel did you see the story about Mr. Guerrero?

  7. Joe Felice says:

    It was actually the national news, but can’t remember what network, and I think I had seen it before. I know this guy is nationally known for his chrome sculptures. His name is Sean Guerrero, and the shop is off of 8th & I-25. I seem to recall that he does chrome plating, but I could be wrong. I think I was once or twice before, but cannot remember the last time. LOL

  8. Dave Steers says:

    Hey Joe,
    I completely understand. I often tell people: “I might be wrong, I have been before – just ask my wife.” (Sorry, this is an old Jewish comedian schtick.)

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