Black and white tile bathrooms — done 6 different ways

black-and-white-tile-bathroomsBlack and white tile bathrooms are a popular choice with many readers, for good reasons: They are suitable for prewar and early postwar houses… It’s easy to vary the look just by changing wall colors… And because tile doesn’t get more basic and “white” and “black”, they can be put together relatively affordably. Here are six black-and-white tile bathrooms created by readers — let’s take a look a at the variations they’ve come up with. 

black and white tile bathroom

1. Chris’ black and white tile bathroom includes a tile ‘rug’ — he did all this work himself, too! And, read his money saving trick to save 50%-67% on liner tile.


2. Dave and Fran’s new black and white bathroom in their 1938 home was inspired by a bathroom in one of our time capsule homes. Note the small hex floor tiles and the 6″ black wall base – nice.

Time capsule bathroom that inspired Dave’s bathroom remodel — this house had FIVE PASTEL BATHROOMS! Photo courtesy of Real Estate Agent Susan Cassidy.

Above: Dave and Fran’s black and white bathroom was by this black and white in a time capsule house with five vintage bathrooms.

vintage-black-and-white-tile-bathroom3.  Dawn used 4″ wall tiles (not subway tiles) in her bathroom remodel — like the inspiration bathroom above. Want to be more post-World-War II authentic? Use 4″ squares, not subways. But it’s your house, both are surely beautiful.

1930s-bathroom4. Pam’s sister-in-law Amy used honed marble flooring to the bathroom in her 1930s Romantic Revival house. Yes, she also used green trim tile, which makes this not officially just black-and-white. But, it does hint at how you could extend your budget by making the mass of your tile (relatively) affordable black-and-white tile — but then spend a little more on a trim or liner tile with a carefully considered color.

black and white bathroom5. Pam’s mom wanted a 1940s style black-and-white tile bathroom, too. The floor is small mosaics… and Pam repainted the vanity black. Virtually everything in this bathroom can be purchased (relatively) inexpensively at a big box store like Home Depot or Lowes.

black white tile bathroom home depot6. Peggy’s black-and-white tile bathroom — everything from Home Depot. “I didn’t try to get creative, just used what Home Depot had on the shelves … but I’m very pleased with my black/white bath!” she said. Thanks, Peggy, nicely done!

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  1. Robin says:

    I love the sink in the last bathroom. Do you know the maker? It is no longer on the Home Depot website.

    1. pam kueber says:

      I’m thinking that sink is original, and that when Peggy says “everything from Home Depot” she’s talking about the tile…

  2. anna says:

    I want to redo my bathroom.. black and white, 40’s era. I wanted to get bronze oil rubbed faucets for tub and sink? what do you think? or should I just stick with chrome faucets?
    thanks for your help and opinion..

    1. pam kueber says:

      I believe that chrome — or “chromium”, as it was called in the 40s! — would be more appropriate if you are seeking an authentic period look. That said, faucets are not “permanent” — if you love the bronze oil rubbed go for it, you aren’t doing anything that can’t be easily undone (with money).

  3. Heart says:

    LOVE the tiled Rug! Great Job! Adds such a stately elegance to this small bath. Well done!

    Thanks Pam for grouping them together. Oh & the FIVE Pastel bathrooms in Portland link, I missed that. Thank you!

  4. LuAnn says:

    I love seeing all these variations on the black and white tile theme together. So much information and inspiration packed together in one place. Thanks for doing this, Pam and Kate! I just love black and white tile in kitchens and bathrooms.

  5. Rick s says:

    I think you are onto a perfect place for inspiration. Even though your house was built in 1958 it could have been decorated in a less “trendy” style of the time. It could have had Mamie pink or an older color scheme. Lucky you.


  6. Janet in ME says:

    These bathrooms are all so beautiful and an inspiration for sure. Now that we are finally kind of settling in to our “new” old 1958 ranch, I can take the time to read the hundreds of Family Circle and Woman’s Day magazines my mother saved since 1949, and are now mine (thanks, Mom!). There are so many interesting room settings that are so fun to see! There was a bathroom in one of them that had very pale pink and black floor tile and it was just stunning! I think other pastels would be great with the black.

  7. Steve H says:

    It’s really helpful to see all of these bathrooms together. My parents plan on re-doing their bathroom in the near future. Their house was built in 1872, but the bathroom is in an addition that was constructed in 1940. It seems like the floor is the hardest decision – octagon, pinwheel, basketweave, white with some black, all white, etc.

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