World of Tile — liquidation sale — going out of business — closing — The End — or so it seems

world of tileThis weekend, I received confirmation from a reader who’s been to the liquidation sale, twice: Yes, World of Tile — our beloved time capsule tile store — chock full of New Old Stock going back to the 1960s — seems to be in the midst of closing. Currently, there is a big closeout of all stock going on — 80% off, Marie says, and you can wander throughout the cavernous structure to hunt treasure in every nook and cranny. I do love me a time capsule liquidation sale — and this may be one unlike any other — but even so, please say it ain’t so. Alas. Lovely photo of World of Tile’s classic 1960s sign (click to enlarge and experience the beauty) courtesy Tony Zarak on flickr and professionally here.

pam tours the basement storage area of world of tile
Me, amazed in the basement in 2011…. the New York Times was with me on this, my first visit…

Marie wrote to me on Saturday:

Thanks to you, I discovered World of Tile in Springfield, New Jersey.

Sadly today, I discovered it was sold and in liquidation.

Marie took these photos at the liquidation sale yesterday.
Marie took these photos at the liquidation sale on Sunday — she went back a second time over the weekend.

Yes. I went to the store today. It was so sad. Liquidator service is there. No one in charge really. [Marie had some info from the folks on site about what had occurred to lead to the liquidation sale, but I do not feel comfortable publishing this unless I can have it confirmed from my own confirmed source.]

yellow soap dish pink soap dish blue soap dishRight now every room is open to the public to roam and select things and pay for it in cash. So, those wonderful black ceramic bathroom fixtures she used to sell for $30 are going for $5. Boxes of 50 tiles – $8/box. There is room upon room of tile and you just make a deal for it. Very good deals indeed, I’m sorry to say.

But for your readers, if they go (with a mask and a flashlight-it’s dusty), the gigantic caverns are theres to explore and find treasures! You can go upstairs, downstairs, basement and the rooms in the warehouse. Crazy!


tile warehouse for NOS vintage tile world of tile
In the cavernous basement. It’s like that federal warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark….

Thank you, Marie!

Update: I spoke with Marie this morning — she added that on-site liquidators told her that the sale is expected to continue for about two weeks.

I had received hints of this news from a few other readers, but could not confirm what was going on. As of early last week, at least, the phone number was disconnected. My emails were not returned. I then began trying to reach a friend nearby to see if she could drive over to see if I could get some sort of official information on the situation. While I was trying to find out something definitive, I didn’t want to jump the gun with a speculative story. But now, we have Marie’s on-site report. So here’s the story, as much as I know.

vintage mosaic tile from world of tile image copyright retro renovation 2011
The “Mosaics Room”
Chippy, when the New York Times visited with me.
jason at world of tile
Nicky and Jason (Jason in this photo) were the ones to discover World of Tile and report their find to Retro Renovation, so’s we could share it with retroworld. Everlasting gobstopper thanks to you, Nicky and Jason!

World of Tile — the single most important discovery on Retro Renovation ever

This is really sad. I loved that place.

I loved that we — via readers Jason and Nicky (that’s Jason just above) — “discovered” World of Tile, “the single most important discovery” ever on Retro Renovation …

… and got it in The New York Times 

… and I wrote all about their many tile varieties and sinks and table legs and backsplashes and counted 95 colors of pink tile and more …

… and I became friends with Chippy …

… and when I called to say hi she would tell me about the latest excitement — like World of Tile tile being used in scene in American Hustle …

… and readers used World of Tile in their projects …

… and it was Our World of Tile.

tower of pink tileYikes, I have things going on today and tomorrow. But if I can confirm that doors are open on Wednesday… and if I can steel myself for the three-hour drive (each way, ugh), I might drive down to World of Tile with a camera and video camera and a big wad of cash for one last visit … and one final report.

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  1. Rhonda Yanno says:

    Hi, feverishly looking for a pink bathroom towel holder. Ours has broke. I have NOT been able to find any place that has this particular style. World of tile did, but now they are out of business. So sad!! Can you please give me any leads as to where I can find various vintage pink towel holders? Thanks! Rhonda Yanno

  2. Jen Allison says:

    I am just discovering this now. Is this place definitely closed? I could not find then on line. Any other ideas for cool retro tiles and flooring in the NYC Tri-state area. I live in the city. THX!

  3. Faith says:

    I was back for my third trip today. I found out about this late and missed so many fantastic finds but there’s still plenty there to be had. The lady you pay up front got extremely angry that I thought boxes of tile were $3-4 and was charging $5 as well as opening the boxes and explaining if the tile was grouped in paper that counted as multiple boxes. Not pleased with feeling taken but at the price it was still an incredible bargain. Parts of the basement now have no light at all which makes it tough but there were some things it still killed me to leave like the 40’s stove and 60’s hair dryer chair not to mention all the marble and tiles and that lemon-lime iridescent toilet! Btw- when i questioned the pricing I was angry told take it or leave it and that she was very mad so many people were coming in as a result of this page and wanting to pay $3 a box. Oy vey! Be grateful for the advertisement! But despite her, it was worth it!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Ugh. When I left on Saturday, she told me boxes would be $3 – $4 starting the following day. I’ve never heard the “wrapped in paper counts as multiples” issue. I will call the liquidator tomorrow to ask him what is going on. I find your comment extremely distressing in particular because through this blog we have sent SO MUCH traffic to this sale.

      Note, when I went Monday, I picked up boxes that friends had bought for me at $4 each.

  4. Jean says:

    Just left shortly ago. It’s definitely an adventure in there. Someone please buy the coral toilet and pedestal sink – my mother refused to let me buy them and I’m so very upset (so what if I don’t have a room for them right now…I’ll find one! Or something!)! No time to go back on my own now. If they’re discounted anything like the amazing 1960s lucite shelves and towel bars I got, it’ll be like $25/piece for them. Sigh.

  5. Steven says:

    I’m at world of tile now 🙂 they told me tonight they will be open into next week now still no definite last day though… also at lea st on weekdays they are open until 7-8pm

  6. Shannon says:

    This is such sad news. I was hoping this place would be here if the need to replace any 1942 era peach bathroom tile (with black trim) came up.

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