vintage fabricBack when we first wrote about Ebay seller Electricbelle’s stash of NOS fabric, we suspected there might be more waiting in the wings. Today a second wave of gorgeous NOS fabric from e-belle has hit the internet. This time, there’s some colorful tiki-esqe fabric in three color ways, along with plenty of other lovely midcentury prints and some nubby upholstery grade material. Get it while it lasts!

vintage fabricThere are three color ways of the print above — with lots o-yardage available for the very reasonable price of $10.99 per yard. Are we reading the selvedge correctly: Is this fabric linen? Nice!

vintage fabricLookie the Big. Fat. Bolt. There are like, 50 yards available in some of these! Which is great — because you need a lot of fabric to make pinch pleats. And you know Pam wants you to Make. Pinch. Pleats!

vintage fabricGotta love that nubby weave…

vintage fabric vintage fabric vintage fabricThis time there’s also two upholstery grade fabric options in bright red and yellow with bits of colored thread woven throughout.

vintage fabric vintage fabric vintage fabricAnd there’s more gorgeous printed drapery weight fabric from the 50s, too.

vintage fabric vintage fabric vintage fabricI love the painterly look of this fabric pattern.

vintage fabric vintage fabric vintage fabricLook at the reflective gold bits in this one. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

vintage fabric vintage fabricThe geometric, sleek midcentury design of this pattern is versatile and eye catching.

vintage fabric vintage fabricI’m guessing these fabrics will not be around long.

  1. Pablo PinkCasa says:

    Hey Pam,
    Thanks for being such a great resource! Have been looking for the perfect fabric for our tiki lounge and your featured thumbnail was right on the money—just ordered 3 yards. Mahalo!

  2. Mag says:

    The medallion 1950’s fabric with the white field vaguely reminds me of the fabric I have in pink, grey & white. I ought to dig it out of storage, take photos, and post them for y’all to see. I was thinking of having a fit & flare made out of it once I got down to a certain size (yes, I can dream) but I bet it’d make great drapes.

    Love seeing all this vintage yardage. T4P!!!

  3. marcia says:

    Great fabrics! I’ve never made pinch pleats, but I think I may give it a go this winter. There are tons of videos on sewing drapes; I found several that make the project look simpler and actually do-able for me. I’ve started practicing with fabric leftovers.

    Make the panel:

    Make the pinch pleats:

    More measuring & pleating:

    Great tip for matching a pattern, adding lining:

  4. midmichigan says:

    I wish I knew how to sew. I guess a glue gun might work but some really cool stuff could be made out of these fabrics. That “painterly” one would go well with the mural I recently bought and the geometric one I really like. Oh well, I can dream, back to welding.

    1. Sprayfaint says:

      @midmichigan did you buy the grey and silver “Asian” wallpaper mural from a few months ago? Because I had the same thought… Haven’t gotten my mural up yet though!

      1. midmichigan says:

        I bought one of the “Memory Lane” murals that were being sold off by Steve’s Wallpaper a few months ago.

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