world-of-tile-1I had an epic 16-hour experience on Saturday, round-tripping it to/from World of Tile. Once there, I spent 10+ hours (including a short offsite lunch/bathroom break) trying to cover every last nook and cranny. But no, there was still more I did not get to. About 30 trips loading tile into my car 15 (?) pounds at a time + everything else — I am so tired I can barely move. So yes, this continues to be the World of Tile blog, more photos of my treasures and/or “other normal stories” to come as soon as I get full night’s non-adreline rush sleep. Meanwhile, I have nothin’ else but WOT on the brain, in the bones, in the soul, for ya this morning.  Formal updates on status still be posted regularly here (tip: Subscribe to comments on all these stories if you are following the sad saga.) Who else went this weekend? What did you get?

Can you spot what’s missing in this photo?

  1. pam kueber says:

    I have a variety of ephemera treasures. When I get organized, I think I will put them on the blog to sell for a modest price, for those who wanna grabba. Stay tuned! It’s going to take me… a while… to organize… especially since I also need to get back to the blog!

  2. DB says:

    Mr. Bossy’s assistants were loading into a NJ contractor-branded Mercedes van – so, if you’re local, there is a renovation company with a lot of this good stuff. (sorry, can’t recall the name on the van)
    I’ve posted a few pictures of our haul, but we’re still awaiting a couple boxes we shipped.
    Thanks to all who reported, commented, and especially Pam!

  3. Ed says:

    Might be a little overkill on the front lawn. I’m thinking it would look better in an expansive, futuristic 60’s living room or bar.

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