Where to get parts for a centered front door knob

front-doors-centered-door-knobsWhere to get replacement parts to fix — or create — a centered door knob / door set? This question comes up several times a year, and now, thanks to reader Emma, we have an answer. Two answers, in fact! Above: The gorgeous front doors on this stunning 1961 time capsule house. [Photo by Mike McCaw/Spacecrafting.]

Responding to a question about this that came up in our story about Rejuvenation’s reproduction escutcheons, Emma wrote:

…You actually CAN get brand-new keyed knobs that have a long enough backset to be centered on a door (usually 15-18 inches, depending on your door width) . In my research, I found only two extended-backset offerings, both from commercial lock companies: Sargent’s “8 Line”, and Yale’s “5400 Series”.

Sargent’s knobs offer backsets up to 18 inches, and Yale can do even LONGER backsets – up to 42 inches (I’d love to see THAT door!). Both companies’ knobs come in common MCM finishes: brass, brushed bronze, and chrome.

schlage door knobs
Schlage’s door knobs are pretty groovy looking….

Being commercial-grade, the knobsets are pretty expensive ($250 to $350+ per set), and the long backsets likely make them special order items. However, you may consider total lock replacement a worthy investment, if it means keeping the period look and functionality of your door without modification.

Here’s PDF files for each company’s extended-backset offerings:

Yale (from their commercial line website; backset info on page 3):

Sargent (8 Line Series knobs are on page 3; this PDF is from a lock supply company):

Woot! Thanks, Emma — great find!

Want to research more:

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