Where to find door pin ball stud catch thingies for steel kitchen cabinet doors

catches-kitchen-cabinet-doorsOver the years, we have received many questions about where to get various fixit parts for steel kitchen cabinets. But with 70+ vintage brands out there, these questions are tough indeed — we’re really dependent on readers discovering and testing options. Today: Reader Shawn hit some pay dirt, and was able to find new door pin ballstud catches that he could use to close his wall cabinet doors snugly.

push-in-stemsShawn says these catches worked for both the Geneva and Youngstown cabinets that he is using in his project — and he has extras, if you need a few, too:

I found a solution for missing door pins/ballstud catches. I found that these work on Genevas and Youngstowns. Thread size 8/32. I have about 90 left. PM or Email me swolfe1@neo.rr.com. $1.00 ea or 12 for $10.00

These thingies are called “Lift the Dot” Stud catches — the company that makes them says they were originally developed to hold canvas tops on horse and buggy carriages in place! 

Shawn found them on ebay here.

I don’t know how Shawn got these into the doors themselves — presumably he was using pre-existing holes (replacing door pins that had been there before), so they cozied right in.

Push-in stem door / drawer bumpers, too:

Also — Shawn found a source for “push-in stem door/drawer bumpers” — those little rubber baby buggy bumper black dots on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door that let it rest gently against the metal cabinet box.

Update: Later, I also found rubber dot-fasteners here. In white, which is good, but shipping costs — you can compare with Shawn’s ebay source to determine your preferred option.


Thank you, Shawn!!

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  1. Joyce says:

    Another part we sometimes need is the receiving end of the pin ball thingies. My Youngstown Cabinets were completely refurbished by a local powdercoating company (no problems with warping – yay!) and they found this solution for me: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CD4MW6Q/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    They fit in the openings perfectly and do the job. Only caveat: They do have a plastic part in them which has broken in a couple of my doors, so word to the wise: Keep this page bookmarked and order a couple extra to have on hand!

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