fed ex-1-2griswold-symbol-lidI am pretty darned excited. Yes, The Carnegie Museum of Art — which is mounting an exhibit on the work of industrial designer Peter Muller-Munk — accepted my offer to donate my New Old Stock Griswold Symbol pots, brochure and packaging to their collection. Mark your calendars: The exhibit opens in late November this year. For sure, I plan on jetting to Pittsburgh for opening day activities to bask in the glory of my name on a museum wall cover the story. Of course, it was boo to the hoo to say goodbye at FedEx — so before I sent my sexy sixties dutch oven and sauce pan on their way, one final photo shoot.

Farewell, my Griswold Symbol Pots by designed Peter Muller-Munk c. 1964:

peter muller munk-2I was really happy to make the donation…

peter muller munk-6Once I understood the history of these pots… and because they were New Old Stock…. I couldn’t imagine ever actually using them. Way better that lots of people get a chance to see them, than to have them malingering around my house.

peter muller munk-5Seriously, I get to have my name as donor on one of the those informative museum placards perched next to the item on display! How cool is that! Probably one of the top-ten coolest things to ever happen to me! I will be many years gone, resting under a granite (argh!) headstone that recalls, “She saved some pink bathrooms,” but for eons everlasting my name will live on in the art world beyond, adorning an informative museum placard next to two kitchen pots. Immortality — and its color is orange!

peter muller munk-7And ya know what else: Something left the house. I have too much stuff. Just too much. Yay! Something left the house!

peter muller munk-8See you, my lovelies, in November!

  1. Georgia says:

    i applaud your willingness and eagerness to donate these pots. i could not have given them up… they are just too fabulous and lovely. but it’s cool that they will be in a museum and that you had that opportunity to be a part of it.

  2. Hi Pam –

    Thanks so much for this post and for your support!

    We’re incredibly excited to be including these pieces in our Peter Müller-Munk exhibition, opening November 21, 2015!

    By the way, no one need worry about “dragging” the husbands to this one. With mid-century tools, radios, boat hardware, crystal tableware, and even a gas pump, there will be something for everyone!

    Again, we sincerely appreciate your support and can’t wait for November.


    Brad Stephenson
    Carnegie Museum of Art

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