Rare Howard Pierce bird midcentury front door escutcheon

Howard Pierce metal door plateUpdate Spet. 2016: I saw another one of these on ebay — and it’s Howard Pierce. The ebay listing also had a doorbell cover!

Vintage front door escutcheon designs are pretty rare to begin with — but have you ever seen one like this before?  Pam spotted this lovely woddity: a midcentury door plate escutcheon with an Evelyn Ackerman-esque (?) bird design on ebay. We have never seen this design before. It may be a rare bird indeed — not just because of its unusual and attractive design, but also because of its massive size — a full 16 inches tall! 

howard pierce The door plate features two lovely abstracted birds sitting on an angular tree. Just look at the fabulous detail on this piece, it’s a true work of art for your front door.

From the eBay listing description:

Mid century door escutcheon plate in the manner of Evelyn Ackerman. Not sure of maker/manufacturer though. Very cool and unique item.

howard pierceIt looks like there is a maker mark carved into the back side of the escutcheon, what do you think it says? Pierce? Piere? Pierre? I can’t quite make it out. Does anyone recognize it?

Update Sept. 2014 — Howard Pierce!

howard pierce door escutcheon back plate howard pierce door platePersonally, I’d love to have this piece, for my front door or to use as a piece of wall decor inside. It is fabulous!

Mega thanks to eBay seller levialaska for allowing us to feature her photos of this unique piece.

And…. want more info on where to buy these new? See our story, 3 places to buy midcentury modern style door plates – including a DIY idea

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  1. Holland VanDieren says:

    I think it was cast by Pier Foundry in Minnesota. Howard Pierce was a ceramics manufacturer.

  2. Karen says:

    It immediately reminded me of the Franciscan pattern Bird ‘n Hand from the late 60s. Those are the dishes I grew up with. What a lovely find.

  3. Scott says:

    Love this. The mid-century home just can’t have enough birds. Brass, glass, ceramic, wood, bring it! 🙂

    The width of this would work on a narrower offsets you seem to have to accept on even the most authentically retro-styled new doors too.

  4. Passerby says:

    I’ve seen this one in the wild! It was on a side door of a mid-sixties California ranch that had been gutted and flipped. The flippers had been too lazy to bother removing it. The house made me sad, but I loved the door! The matching knob was round, similar to the ones that Pam posted in the pic above.

  5. Roundhouse Sarah says:

    Put a bird on it! ( sorry I just love that Portlandia sketch)
    But truly, everything is better with a bird on it, especially this escutcheon.

  6. Robin, NV says:

    Ooh I love this! My local bulk fabric store has some drapery fabric that would work with this to make a South American themed living room – it has stylized llamas and birds on it. Every time I see it, I wish I had a use for it.

    Also just realized that the “3 sources for midcentury door escutcheons” image has an escutcheon that looks just like mine – bottom of the middle column (square brass). When I replaced my front door, I insisted that my contractor save the old escutcheon and install it on the new door. It’s simple but I love it.

  7. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! It looks like it would go nicely on the door of a prairie style home, any early to mid 20th century bungalow, or a Southwestern rancho. I think it would look cool on one of a set of double doors, as an asymmetrical arrangement.

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