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I first laid my everlovin’ child-of-the-’70s eyes on Drexel Whimsy vintage furniture in 2011. Sightings since then have been virtually nil, but now — a very exciting email from Michigan, where there is a complete set of bedroom furniture for sale. Up for grabs is: a bed, end table, low dresser, tall dresser, modular corner desk with chair — and even a coordinating bedspread. drexel-whimsyAt first glance, the painted design on this furniture appears wackadoodle. But look more closely: It is very planful — certain parts of some flowers aren’t even painted, the natural finish of the wood is part of the design.

lime green wallpaper
My big fat crazy crafty epic retro office remodel – the series.

What do you think? Are our nearest-dearest design preferences set when we are… about 16? I sure think mine were.

drexel-whimsyThe corner treatments — the gold L-pieces — make this “campaign style”. Well, 70s-campaign-flower-power-mash-up-style.

drexel whimsy furnitureKate also spotted the wonderful drawer pulls — Drexel’s attention to detail was terrific. And see up close how you can see that certain flower petals and middle parts of flower peek through to the natural wood?

drexel-whimsyThe desk looks like it fits into a corner.

drexel-whimsy drexel-whimsy drexel-whimsy drexel-whimsySee how paint trends come … and paint trends go…?

drexel-whimsy drexel-whimsy drexel-whimsy drexel-whimsyThe 70s saw a revival in Victoriana… hipsters o’ that time were pulling stuff out of their grandparents’ attics, basements and bedrooms… and reinventing it with paint. Lots of paint. Of course, a few decades later, many folks regretted messing with the original finishes…. Did you see my story –“Is it a decorating mortal sin to paint wood furniture — three votes yes, two votes no” on The Huffington Post earlier this week? I am now blogging for HuffPost on occasion…. they don’t pay me, but it’s good added exposure for RetroRenovation.com, don’t you think? 

drexel-whimsyIf you want to nab this Drexel Whimsy bedroom set:

  • It’s available for sale, located in Brighton, Michigan (near Ann Arbor). The asking price is $2,700 for the set. Contact: info@accreditedmngt.com
  • Note, from the same estate there is a Drexel Declaration dining room set. Table and chairs are $950, buffet is $550.

More eye candy, retrolicous furniture designs from our archive:

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  1. pam kueber says:

    Please take this over to etsy. Formally, no buying/selling on the blog or else it gets to be chaos.

  2. Brad Elliott says:

    My apologies Pam!! 🙂 Thanks for setting me straight!

    See you in the land of Etsy Cheryl!


  3. Laurie Hammons says:

    I have this set from when I was a teenager. However, it is the yellowish color instead of the orange, like the chair in the photos above. I’m settling Mom’s estate and would like to find a good home for it. I have 2 twin headboards (different from the one above; they have a panel of the painted flowers on each and match the style of the chest), a desk, the low 6-drawer dresser, one bedside table, and the freestanding mirror! (Wasn’t I the luckiest teen!) It is in very good condition. I have photos. I’m in Houston and not sure about how shipping would work.

  4. pam kueber says:

    Laurie, no buying/selling here on the main blog or it would be chaos. Put these up for sale on craigslist and or ebay.

  5. Anna says:

    I grew up with a set just like this, but all of it was yellow, like the chair in the blog post photos. And we have that chair too! The set is still at Mom’s. The times I may spend the night at Mom’s I will sleep in that room. It’s so fun to see others liking this furniture. It’s so well made.

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