vintage sunbeam style clocksWe are big fans of vintage Sunbeam clocks — their Mondrian design style is so appealing… their strategic use of midcentury modern color and texture is just about perfect… and bonus: You can hang them either vertically or horizontally. Alas, finding a vintage specimen is oh-so-hard, but hurray: Artist Bruce Yager of Jetsetretro Design has a whole portfolio of wall clocks in the Sunbeam spirit, with his own twist. We think the prices are very fair, too. 

sunbeam vintage clock styleJetsetretro Design’s etsy store introduces Yager as a professional full-time studio artist who has been deeply involved with the world of art and design for over 30 years. He is also represented by many galleries and has also sold his work across the globe.

vintage sunbeam style clocksI chatted with Yager a bit via etsy mail, and he explained that he started designing clocks about 18 years ago. George Nelson ball clocks were his first inspiration. After that launched, he received many requests for the Mondrian clock and also began playing in that sphere. Or rectangle, as it were. 🙂

vintage sunbeam style clocksHe said the vintage Sunbeam clock has been out of production since the late 1960s. And that, yes, “It’s so hard to get a hold of an original these days.”

vintage sunbeam style clocksPrices for Jetsetretro’s clocks run from $185 to $325.

vintage sunbeam style clocks

vintage sunbeam style clocks
This does not appear to be a stock clock. We found it in “Sold” items listed as a special order.

A vintage Sunbeam clock in our archive:

vintage sunbeam clock

Above: A vintage sunbeam clock owned by reader Greg from our story — 27 awesome midcentury vintage wall clocks.

Vintage or new… we love these clocks!

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  1. GlenEllyn says:

    Such wonderful clocks! Drooling here… I wholeheartedly agree that these clocks are very reasonably priced considering that they are custom made to order. The only poor reviews on his website are from buyers who somehow overlooked the time frame for delivery and complained. Patience, people! It’ll be worth the wait. The downside of your wonderful article is that the artist will likely be inundated with orders from loyal RetroRenovation readers and the wait may be longer. I know I’m reworking my budget right now to see if I can afford one…

  2. John Carroll says:

    Really beautiful designs and oh so jet age. Thanks for informing us of their availability. These clocks are really a refreshing departure from most today’s offerings.

  3. Greg McKinney says:

    I am the “mystery reader” who supplied you the photo of the Sunbeam clock with the grasscloth (which I added to that model). I had leftover wallpaper from my house and used it on that Sunbeam. But you know me well, I contributed many clock photos to this story previously ;’)

  4. James Cobalt says:

    I bought one of Yager’s clocks on Etsy almost two years ago. It took a long while to get it (the guy is in demand; which means he is probably not charging enough), but it was in a custom stain, and I LOVE it.

    Warning- I’ve seen his stuff on Dot & Bo on occasion and per usual they do some pretty hefty markups and with the gall to claim they’re discounting X%. As with all of their so-called deals you’ll get a much better price if you can identify the source. I’m sure he gets a bigger cut if you buy from him directly anyway. Not to mention he often builds-to-order.

  5. Steve H says:

    Some of these designs would be great adapted as a room divider, for example between an entry and living room.

  6. Kristen says:

    I have had one of his clocks on my Etsy favorites page for about a year now… Hopefully one of these days I’m going to click the buy button!

  7. Lynne says:

    I have an art piece in my breakfast room from Bruce Yager. Not a clock but a 3-D type abstract. I got it at least 3 years ago, he even signed it.

  8. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I am so inspired by these clocks. Beautiful colors. How to put it? Time for art? Art in good time? I know: Now Art for All Time.

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