Screen door inserts with herons, flamingos, and more — 2 places to find them

vintage screen door insert refinishedRemember Gabe and Amanda, who found a vintage blue heron screen door insert in sad shape on a house in their area, inquired about purchasing it from the owner and ultimately got it for free? Not everyone can be this lucky, but if you love the look of vintage style screen doors and want an easier solution, you’re in luck.

Updated 2021: I know of two manufacturers for this style of retro insert, with a variety of styles, including some that are close to Amanda and Gabe’s vintage blue heron.

1. PCA Products: Complete aluminum screen doors with insert

vintage screen doorPCA Products sells complete aluminum screen doors inclusive of the aluminum insert. Check their website for product features.

PCA Products shows a variety of insert designs. Pam sees other options — including a flamingo — on one of their retailer’s site. 

The door/design can be oriented for either right- or left-hinge hanging.

gabe and amanda https://retrorenovation.com/2014/09/08/restore-vintage-screen-door/



2. ScreenDoorGrilles on etsy.com


retro screen door grillesUpdate March 2021: I heard from this etsy seller — ScreenDoorGrilles — that they sell screen door inserts. The site says, “Every piece of our art is truly individually handcrafted. Each art piece, tree topper and screen door grille is cut, shaped, finished and/or powder coated (if applicable) by us, in our shop.”

There are a variety of styles.

Cynnamon’s grandparent’s door — displayed as art


Above: Ooooh, we couldn’t resist showing this gorgeous vintage screen door insert — adorned with a swirly tailed peacock. The door belonged to reader Cynnamon’s grandparents. She saved it, and now uses it at wall art — beautifully! Thanks, Cynnamon, for posting this on our Facebook page, and for giving us permission to archive it here.

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    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Catherine, I don’t sell anything — contact the company(s) profiled — the bold brite blue text is a hotlink… Good luck!

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