Laura’s green B&W Tile bathroom remodel in progress

vintage mint green bathroomFollowing our story about recreating a mint, black and pink bathroom, reader Laura sent us photos of her own minty green bathroom remodel in progress. Yes: Two-tone green tile — that looks like it’s always been there! Laura has a bit more work to go, and we’ll get more photos when the bathroom is complete. Meanwhile, let’s take a sneak peek.

vintage mint green bathroomFor this bathroom, Laura chose to use two different tones of green tile from our #1 go-to source for authentic retro color pastel tile, B&W Tile:

  • 40W Green is the color of the field tile for the bathroom walls and for the hexagon floor tiles. Note: ’40F’ (as in ‘Floor’) is the color for light green tile with a special floor coating; Laura did not know this option existed.
  • 46W Green is used for the trim.

She kept the original white tub and toilet and constructed a new wood vanity and found a salvaged white sink to put on the top.

vintage mint green bathroomLaura writes:

Hi there! I just wanted to share some pictures as we are nearly finished remodeling our bathroom almost from scratch (our tub and toilet are original to our 1951 house) using B&W tiles. We have some painting and hanging of accessories to do, but the hard part is finished! Thanks for looking, your website was an invaluable resource for us!

vintage mint green bathroom

The tub is [tiled via a method using] paper, lathe and scratch, our tile installers will only use that method for tub and shower work.  I think some of the photos show the ‘oops’ at the top of the shower on the left hand side… the ceiling isn’t square!  We thought we’d be smart and tile to the ceiling to avoid drywall repair, but that ended up creating some ugliness.  Rather than deal with the construction options presented, we went with the cosmetic fix — just paint the ceiling (as we were planning) and be done with it.  We’ve stared at it so much we don’t even notice it.

vintage mint green bathroom

As you see in the photos the hexes are shiny. When I called B&W about swapping them out for textured hexes, I was told they don’t do that (our salesperson was off that day) and we figured with a bath mat not much will be uncovered, so on with the show.  When my husband brought the extras back, our salesperson told him that they do in fact offer floor texture on the tiles at no extra charge, it’s just a couple extra weeks wait time… ^%*&^%*&!!!  Oh, well… now we know for the next bathroom.

[Precautionary Pam steps in here: Readers, consult with your own properly licensed professionals to determine and specify the type of bathroom flooring makes sense for you. Here on this blog we don’t have the expertise, but in my personal experience you want to assess — at a minimum — slip-resistance, whether the tile is rated for flooring, and whether your floor joists can take the weight. There may be other factors to considers — so again, consult with your own pros.]

vintage mint green bathroomvintage mint green bathroom

But over all, B&W was really great to work with and we live close enough that we were able to pick up ourselves.


What a gorgeous bathroom, Laura! We’ll get all the details in the final story, but do we spy…. fixtures from Locke Plumbing and atomic cabinet knobs from Rejuvenation? 😉 Power on — you’re in the home stretch now!

  1. alex says:

    What color paint did you use for the walls?
    I have the same exact green on green tile in my house and love the way yours looks!

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