16 designs to decorate a pink and black bathroom

pink and black bathroomvintage pink bathroom decorWe constantly get questions from readers who want help decorating their pink bathroom (Pam estimates there were 10 million built, hence the need), so we’ve set a new, epic goal: to create 99 mood boards to decorate a pink bathroom. And part of this project: For each of six pink bathroom color combinations, we’ll give YOU the basic photo so that you can come up with your own design board and email it to us to consider adding to our list. First up in our pink potty prettification pursuit: Ideas to decorate a pink and black bathroom — a popular color combo especially in the early years of pink bathroom popularity.

Kate got the assignment to create all of our initial design boards. Thank you, Kate! To get started, she chose pink field tile from B&W… a Bahama Pink toilet from Gerber… and black bullnose, generally acquired quite affordably and easily from Big Box stores, Daltile or B&W, etc.

pink and black bathroom design ideas

A key takeaway: Pink bathroom tile is pretty darned versatile as a base color!

Several of Kate’s key takeaways after a lot of design board wrangling:

  • There are two tried and true ways to easily pull together the look of a pink bathroom depending on if you want to use wallpaper or paint.
  • It’s relatively easy to coordinate pink with most any other color, given the right unifying materials.
  • Vintage pink bathrooms are pretty darn versatile — depending on the shower curtain, wallpaper or artwork that you choose as inspiration, you can manipulate the look many different ways, from kitschy to modern to elegant to any-decade to bold to graphic to shabby chic to sedate to whimsical to sophisticated to tropical and oh my Kate found a lot of flamingo shower curtains!

Ideas to decorate a pink and black bathroom — inspired by pattern in a wallpaper

First, we will experiment with the wallpaper formula for decorating a pink and black bathroom. (These ideas work for ALL colorful bathrooms!) The key here is to find a wallpaper pattern that you like that includes the tile colors — in this case, pink and black — plus anywhere from one to several other colors to give the bathroom a pulled together, cohesive, and interesting look.

Note: We think that staying away from wallpaper patterns that mimic the grid of the tile walls (and/or floors, too) is a good idea to keep the bathroom from feeling too rigid and grid-like.

Then, you’ll located plain color accessories — shower curtain, towels, etc. — that repeat the colors found in the tile and wallpaper. These will complete the look without adding additional pattern, which could possibly clash with the wallpaper or overwhelm the small space. Let’s look at a few examples using vintage wallpaper I found at Hannah’s Treasures (disclosure: an advertiser on the blog, but this is not part of the deal.)

vintage pink and black bathroomSophisticated botanical: For this first look, this 1950s fern wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures works well. Though it reads as a grey pattern, the ferns are made up of black, white and pink (perfect!) set on a grey background. The texture and low contrast in color and shape in the pattern help make the high contrast between the black and pink tile less stark, helping to blend the whole look together. The simple black and white shower curtain from Ikea and light pink towels finish off the decor without adding any more complexities.

vintage pink and black bathroom

All about texture: For this look, Kate found a vintage wallpaper design from Hannah’s Treasures that reads as more of a texture than a pattern. There is no pink in this wallpaper; however, there is black present in the print as well as grey, white and gold, which are all neutral, easy to work with colors. The green color in the wallpaper is a complementary color of pink — red and green are complementary colors, and pink is technically light red. Since complementary colors ‘play nicely’ together, the green works with the pink. To ensure that the green looks cohesive in the space, Kate repeated it in the green towels and solid green shower curtain, which still has a textural look due to the stitching pattern on the fabric. She then added pink towels to further repeat the pink.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Abstract shapes: For the next look, Kate found this 1950s abstract shape wallpaper that has a fun mix of pink, black, gold, beige and white and gives the room a retro googie feel. Again, she chose a simple black and white solid shower curtain, but this timeshe chose one with three black stripes near the bottom that repeated the three black lines that make up several of the rectangle and square shapes found in the wallpaper design. Finally, pink and gold towels repeat the colors from the wallpaper.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Silly and fun: For her final vintage wallpaper look, Kate found this silly and fun 1970s black and white wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures. It depicts cartoon character people using a Victorian-revival bathroom. While black-and-white wallpaper in a pink bathroom could feel a little boring, the subject matter of the illustrations in this wallpaper is so entertaining that it is okay that there are no other colors in the pattern. Keeping the playful feeling going throughout the space is this quirky black and white shower illustration shower curtain at Ikea. Finish the room off with some pink towels and the look is complete.

black and pink vintage bathroomGolden fields: Reader Jeannie sent in this lively black, grey, yellow and pink bathroom design using gold seamless wallpaper with a leafy design, a flowered white, grey, black and golden yellow shower curtain and dark grey and black towels. Ka-pow!

Ideas to decorate a pink and black bathroom — starting with pattern in a shower curtain

The formula for using paint in a pink and black bathroom is very similar to the wallpaper method. But instead of finding your pattern inspiration in wallpaper, you find it in your shower curtain — this will be the first item you look for, and it’s where the pattern in your bathroom will “live.”

For a pink and black bathroom, you want to look for a shower curtain that you like — it needs to include your shade of pink and/or black — plus, it should have a few other colors. Your paint color could then come from:

  • One of the coordinating colors pulled directly from the shower curtain
  • A lighter shade of the coordinating color
  • A darker shade of the coordinating color
  • A neutral color — an off-white or a soft gray — but importantly, choose those with warm tones.

Kate found that right now, there is a lack of vintage and vintage style shower curtains available, so many of the designs she found and featured for these design boards feel more modern than the wallpaper designs. If you want a vintage shower curtain, start watching ebay and etsy like a hawk. You could also have one made from vintage or vintage-style fabric, although you will likely need to seam it, since most fabrics today do not come in 72″ shower curtain widths. Tip: If you make your own shower curtain, we’d recommend running the full (typically 54″ wide) pattern down the center then seaming panels that have been cut to 12″ each on to the right and left … you could even contrasting welting along the seams and then band the whole thing in that contrast color, or, use contrasting narrow bands along this outside; this, rather than seaming two 54″ panels together down the center.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Purple power: This bathroom design feels very modern and colorful. By starting with this bold flower patterned shower curtain, which like the black tile, highly contrasts the light pink tile and contains other saturated hues like red and purple, we set the stage for a bold space. Turn up the pink power some more by getting hot pink towels that match the hot pink flowers in the shower curtain and by choosing a bold reddish purple for the walls, which gives the bathroom an energetic feel. Who needs coffee after showering in this bathroom?

vintage pink and black bathroom

Funky flamingos: It is no secret that we love flamingos for their historic fun factor, so expect to see a flamboyance of flamingo shower curtains in this series. For this design Kate used a white shower curtain with hot pink and orange flamingos from The Company Store. A very light grey wall paint keeps the room from feeling too stark, while hot pink and orange towels repeat the hot hues from the flamingos. This one is fun in the sun!

vintage pink and black bathroomFlamingo day-glo: The second flamingo curtain — a black curtain with light and hot pink flamingos and neon green palm trees — feels wild, so for the wall color choice, Kate turned up the intensity and chose an almost neon light lime green. This color helps repeat the green from the palm trees. And again, we see the complementary color scheme of pink and green. Light pink and hot pink towels — colors taken straight from the shower curtain — finish off the room.

vintage pink and black bathroom

That’s what it’s owl about: DENY Designs has a whole lotta awesome artist-designed shower curtains, many of which would look great in a vintage bathroom. Kate chose this Valentina Ramos designed shower curtain called “4 owls” because of it’s fun, late 60s hippy vibe. The bits of black in the design match the black tile, and the deep, bold colors in the curtain and medium teal wall color help create a bridge between the lighter value of the pink tiles and the dark-valued black tiles. Rounding out the design white and orange towels repeat the colors in the shower curtain.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Kinda warped: Pam here. To get started with this epic series, Kate got the assignment to set out to scour wallpaper and shower curtain option. Now, I am *helping* by looking for more options, because… we gotta reach 99! In general, we are staying away from anything too… disturbing or racy. This may be as kinda warped as we go — I love the retro graphic appeal of this pink Volkswagen Beetle shower curtain from Society 6. Kate chose the wall color and curtains.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Sea Patrol: Another shower curtain from Society 6 inspired this design. Golly, see how you can get Mamie pink to go with most any color?

vintage pink and black bathroom

Op pink: ooooh, this op art looking shower curtain from Society 6 really turns this pink and black tile bathroom into a museum-ready work of art.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Only her hairdresser knows for sure: Go full-on camp with this Society 6 “Full of secrets” shower curtain. The muddy pink color of the paint that Kate chose for the wall matches the field of the shower curtain, and keeps this bathroom from going saccharine. I think milady’s eye follows you around the room wherever you go. Kinda freaky-awesome.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Polka dot party: Golly, I love me some polka dots! Over at PB Teen, they have polka dot shower curtains in a small lollipop rainbow of colors + black.

vintage pink and black bathroom

Muted and sleek: This pink and black bathroom design was submitted by reader Elisabeth using products available at Ikea — a grey shower curtain, grey and black towels, and a framed ocean theme print — all set atop a muted purple grey wall color.

pink and black vintage bathroomCircle-icious: Another all Ikea design from reader Elisabeth — with a white and black circle print shower curtain, black and white towels, a round silver-framed mirror and a simple white wall color.

Now it’s your turn to be the designer!

pink and black bathroom
Want to help us create design board ideas for a pink and black tile bathroom? Here’s how:

  • Use the image Kate created above as the basis for your design board.
  • Pam uses Powerpoint to create her design boards – it’s good for putting photos side-by-side – but use whatever program you like to arrange your design board. We’ve also created this image page to start with, if you’d like – just save it and insert into Powerpoint to get started fast.
  • It’s okay if your board is messy: Kate will take what you send us and reformat it just like she has done for hers. We’ll then add the reader design boards to this story, and likely, in a big followup story.
  • Find your wall treatment and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info to your source material
  • Find your shower curtain and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Find your bath towels and add them — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Give your design a title (include your own name if you like)
  • Save as a PDF and email to us at retrodesigndilemma@gmail.com. Please put all info in one email.
  • All terms of use apply, be sure to read them

7 down, 92 to go! Coming up next: Ideas for a pink-and-white tile bathroom.

To see our complete series of 99 ideas to decorate a pink bathroom, click here

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  1. Tara R says:

    I wish I had photos of my grandmother’s pink and black bathroom. She had traditional taste with colonial and Ethan Allen American style furniture through the rest of the house. So she chose a garden rose wallpaper and put it on the ceiling which was a popular thing to do at that time. The other 1953 thing she did was paint the entire room pink including the wood molding. I guess that was the style then.

  2. Maria Chandler says:

    Any ideas for a pink and green bathroom. The wall is half tile, a white with gold sprinkles. It is a rental so i cant go ripping things out. I started painting two walls in pink and do the two with mint green. Any advice would be helpful. Floor is lineoleum a white patterned yuck. I want to do that with black and white tile.

  3. Nancy Glynn says:

    I have decided to go with a metallic paint(silver) for the small area of wall above my pink and black tile. I have shower doors with silver chrome. It is a small bathroom and I will probably paint the ceiling the same as the wall.

  4. Sara says:

    Thanks so much for the useful info! My husband and I just bought a 1951 bungalow, and to our delight, it has a pristine pink and black bathroom! I ended up buying the Society 6 op art shower curtain listed above, and we painted the walls a cool gray. We did black towels, a black vanity, and brushed nickel bowtie sconce lights on either side of the original medicine cabinet mirror. We’re so grateful for all of the helpful resources on your site, as we’re mid century enthusiasts who intend to stay true to the vintage style of our home.

  5. Ro says:

    We have the pink and black bathroom . But their was a turquoise blue tub and sink and toilet also. The countertop is gray and white.
    we put in a black and white check floor. Also shower curtain is a rainbow of colors.
    The other bath is yellow and black.

  6. Joe Felice says:

    You already came up with enough ideas to keep my head spinning. The pink and purple one immediately stands out as the best for me, but I could imagine myself living with any of them, except for one thing: orange towels. I cannot reconcile orange and pink. I just can’t. I was taught in grade school any shade of red does not go with orange, and I can’t get past that. But the turquoise and pink one also is a real winner. And anything with a flamboyance of flamingos pleases me, the oh-so-flamboyant one.

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