Update: Where to buy vintage color toilets — pink, blue, harvest gold, beige, gray, bone


2021 UPDATE: Pastel colored sinks and toilets NO LONGER AVAILABLE from either Peerless or Gerber. (It seems that Peerless closed down completely in Dec. 2020; Gerber nixed its colors a few years earlier.) Stay tuned, though, the former distributor for Peerless is looking for another option for pastel colored potties and sinks — fingers crossed.


Here is the original story from 2014 that updated the Gerber situation at that point in time and also discussed Peerless a bit. I will keep the story up for historical purposes:

Today — an update on the colors and styles of retro color toilets available from Gerber and Peerless. The Gerber has been a favorite — but reader Heidi tipped us to a few recent changes to their line up — which led us to this update on the options to procure potties in retro pastels — including pink, light blue, harvest gold, beige, bone and gray — and in round or elongated bowl styles. 


My Gerber toilet — in pink — in compact elongated bowl, which is still available.

I asked my PR contact for Gerber, who confirmed Heidi’s tip. Gerber PR wrote:

We retired a few of our colors this year including Almond, Spanish Gold, Regal Blue and Citron Yellow. We do still offer White, Biscuit, Bone, Bahama Pink, Jamaican Beige, Silver and Dawn Blue.

We replaced the Bahama Pink round front Viper toilet with a Compact Elongated Viper toilet HE-21-519-21. This has the added comfort of an elongated toilet, but it still fits in a round front space. Bahama Pink, Jamaican Beige, Silver and Dawn Blue are all now only available in the Compact Elongated Viper.

Many of those colors were part of the Gerber line for 20+ years. We discontinued Almond, Spanish Gold, Regal Blue and Citron Yellow due to decreasing demand, and at the moment we are not planning to add any new colors to the line.

reg-vs-compact-toiletWhile it is sad that there will no longer be a colorful round bowl option from Gerber, and that four great retro style colors are no more, I found the Bahama Pink Compact Elongated bowl toilet to be a perfect choice for my built-from-scratch pink bathroom. I used this Gerber model in my retro pink master bathroom — and I love it. Space is not so much of an issue in my master bathroom, but the Gerber compact elongated bowl toilet does measure 2.625″ less in length — from wall to bowl front — than my previous “standard” elongated bowl toilet. The profile shot of the toilet looks more streamlined than before too — as shown above. I like it.

Gerber-bahama-pink-toiletI found my Bahama Pink compact elongated bowl Gerber at Decor Island, so I suggested that Heidi try calling them in the hopes they might still have a few round bowl Regal Blue and Bahama pink toilets left in their warehouse.

Wendy took my advice and replied:

Thanks, Kate! Joe at Decor Island is checking around for me. He said that the Regal Blue will be really difficult and that I may only be able to get the Bahama Pink in an elongated bowl. We really like the rounded front look, but may have to go with the elongated. I am currently calling around to various plumbing supply houses to see if they have any left in either color in the rounded front. I’ll let you know what I learn. Thanks so much!

Then a happy Heidi emailed again few hours later saying:

Just wanted to share my success: Joe from Decor Island found the toilets I need for my house. He found two round front Viper Gerber toilets — one in the Regal Blue (in Canada) and the other in Bahama Pink (in Jersey)! If I weren’t already married, I might have to propose to Joe! 🙂 Toilets should be here in a couple weeks. Whew!

Whew indeed, Heidi. Thanks so much for the tip and we’re so glad you were able to acquire the potties you pined for.

Looking for pastel toilets and sinks: Check both Peerless and Gerber

peerless colors
BUT KNOW: Peerless has colors, too. If you are looking for pastel potties and sinks — check both Peerless and Gerber for model and color selection.


  1. Emilie Carver says:

    Is Peerless still making these colorful toilets? I am looking for a new pink toilet (for a newly renovated pink/green tile bathroom). Bath1 has bowls but no tanks, and the entire toilet is sold out everywhere I look. Is Peerless still making these toilets? I have an email into Bath1, but I could not find any contact info for Peerless.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Emilie, I’m not sure what the current status of the product is. It’s on my list to also email or call and get an update.

    2. Megan E Gerson says:

      Does you area have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore location? Ours is an excellent resource for toilets/sinks in all kinds of colors.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Peter, I don’t know of anyone making these new today.

      Occasionally we get tips on places that have New Old Stock, for example, you can check here: https://retrorenovation.com/2018/05/15/discontinued-new-old-stock-kohler-and-elger-bathroom-fixtures-including-color-bath-tubs/

      Other than that, I think that you’re going to be searching for vintage. Typical sources are salvage places, ebay, craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

      Note, no buying/selling here in the blog comment threads or else it becomes chaos.

      Good luck!

  2. judy knowles says:

    We are looking for an olive green toilet. Do you know if that color is available anywhere anymore? Thank you for any assistance!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I don’t know where to get one new… This story identifies The Only Place I know of that makes toilets in colors any more.

  3. Don Heeter says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I have a Pink bathroom sink with the date of 9-24-64 on it and a (I think) LJ No 1 (see attached jps)
    and I am trying to find out some information about what it is for some parts for it.

    Do you have any information on what this is or can you direct me to someone who does or forward my e-mail to someone that can help.

  4. Kellie Quint says:

    I need a flow efficient pink toilet. I couldn’t tell if the colored toilets would pass the standard for California

  5. carl deckshot says:

    Looking at the Gerber Bahama Pink toilet and is there anyway we can get a side view picture of this toilet and also is the toilet seat included along with price, please.


      1. Kathy Harris says:

        I am looking for an orchid/lavender/or whatever it’s called full toilet. I can purchase the seat but need the toilet. I have found one on the coolstuff site, but I think it’s sold. Have not heard back from them.

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