A bunch of New Old Stock Kohler and Elger bathroom fixtures including color bath tubs

Our community is The Best, when it comes to sharing info about where-to-find the hard-to-find — and New Old Stock, even better! In this story about where to find pink and other color bathtubs, Jana shared her find, a Tennessee plumbing supply with stuff in the warehouse carefully catalogued and ready for us to Retro Renovate with:

One source I used to purchase a blue Eljer tub and a blue lavatory sink was Wholesale Supply Group in Cleveland, TN. On their website, they have a list of discontinued items that are for sale. You can inquire to find out what they have in stock at: discontinued@wsginc.com. I had my items freighted to me in Florida using SAIA.

Okay. So, it seems like mostly 70s and 80s colors. But, I adore many of those colors — so if I had a bathroom to remodel, and these colors suited the house — I’d be all in! Hooray for avocado and harvest gold bathrooms!  Thank you, Jana!

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  1. linoleummy says:

    Craigslist is where I found the pink toilet for free that determined the color of my whole bathroom. A lot of the time people just want it gone. Right now the colorful things listed are not free but there are some never installed mint green Kohler things and used lime green fixtures for a whole bathroom. I think maybe a pink tub also. In Reno, NV

  2. Arlene Valera says:

    Still looking for replacement tiles & vinyl grouting strips for our vinyl porch floor which is a clone of the “multi-color slate flooring-an authentic mid-century choice” which your site. Do you know how we could get these vinyl tiles & 1/4″ vinyl grouting strips?

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