Tiki mania for Tiki Diablo at Home Depots

home-depot-tikiTiki Diablo aka Danny Gallardo tiki decor started arriving all this week at 600 Home Depots — west of the Mississippi only — –>> read my original story for all the details — and since then, tikiphiles have been eagerly pursuing this precious prey. I am friends with Danny and got permission to feature some of these photos from his friends. Everyone is pretty excited!!! Above: Elroy got this great shot of the display, all ready to go! Thanks, Elroy!

UPDATE: Sales of these items ended in 2015.

tiki-diablo-tikisAbove: Johnny had to go to seven Home Depots to find these four-foot tall tikis. He gets the award for tiki tenacity! Thank you, Johnny!

home-depot-tiki-totemAbove: Doug nabbed his fresh off the truck — okay, Doug gets gold stars for tiki tenacity, too!

tikis-home-depotAbove: Stephen nabbed a 4′ California Ku style tiki. How fun fun fun it must be to roll this around Home Depot in the shopping cart! Thank, you, Stephen!

tikisAbove: All the tikis in a row, ready to go! Thanks, Elroy, for this photo!

tiki-diablo-tiki-barAbove: John went home and set his Maori style tiki right up! Thank you, John, for the great photo!

tiki-bar-diabloAbove: David makes the Tiki Diablo bar look mighty inviting!

tiki-diablo-plantersAbove: Christina found the Tiki Diablo tiki planters for her office. Thank you, Christina!

tiki-planters-tiki-diabloAbove: Jorge ran into another tikiphile on the prowl to Tiki Diabl0-ware when he was at the Home Depot. Fantastic photo of the planters — thank you, Jorge! I waaaaaant them all *snit fit that they are not for sale in Massachusetts*

planter-tikiAbove: Aura nabbed the last tiki planter in her Home Depot store for her mom Lela!

tiki-diablo-daniel-gallardoAbove: And looky this, Elroy got a nice big photo of the label. All hail, Tiki Diablo! Thanks, Elroy!

I’ll keep adding photos as I get them.

Meanwhile: If you have a photo or photos of Tiki Diablos
that you have purchased that I can feature,
send them to me via email address:
retrorenovation@gmail.com. Note Terms of Use apply.

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  1. Larry R Clanahan says:

    I live in Bakersfield Ca. and none of the stores have the Tiki Diablo collections does anyone know where I could go near Bakersfield the get some tikis,

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        Yes, well, you know how it is. After the 4th of July the “end of season” clearance sales begin, so you can’t get a bathing suit in your size or a lounge chair to match the one you bought in June. Of course, you can buy Halloween candy, pumpkin planters and artificial Christmas trees in a few weeks. 🙂

        1. Sam R says:

          I picked up the bar and two of the “Hawaiian Days” masks at 33% off about two weeks ago. They’re down to 50% off now, but a lot of stores are very low on stock. Headed to one now to look at some of the 24″ and 36″ tiki idols.

  2. Randerson says:

    We got our daughter in Denver to pick up 2 stools at HD there and ship them to us in Upstate NY! We had to call several stores as some had sold out already.

    Just a heads up: Christmas Tree Shops had cool bamboo Tiki bars and stools for sale last year and we picked one up, sans stools, on sale at the end of the season. Not sure if they have, or will have, Tiki bars again, but they had some mugs and small totems and lamps this summer. Being an end of season leftover our bar came without the stools, but thanks to HD and our daughter now we have some! Many thanks for posting about this.. Tiki is so fun! Now, if you haven’t already done so, y’all should do a piece about 1950s Tiki music by the likes of Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny &c, remember that exotic Island sounding music with all the bird calls in the background? it was a big part of the Tiki culture back then.
    A little “Quiet Village” by Denny really helps to set the Tiki mood!

  3. Jaime says:

    Pretty lame we can’t get them in coastal Florida, but you can get them in landlocked states out west.

  4. Melissa Hansson says:

    If you want to call around, the Item # for the Marquesan is 48HDTOTEMTD003 & the SKU appears to be 743831044590. The Maori is Item # 48HDTOTEMTD001 & 743831044576. We never found the 3rd Diablo tiki, just lots of the shorter Hawaiian Days store brand.

  5. Karin says:

    They are truly awesome. I wish we had them here in Toronto,
    Canada, or the rest of Canada, for that matter. Home Depot here doesn’t carry many of the MCM style products featured on RR. This year, summer in Toronto has been very cool and rainy. We could definitely use some Tiki cheer here.

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:

      So sorry, Karin, you are having bad summer weather and must remain Tiki-less, as we will do in Connecticut. Sometimes Ontario can be downright hot in the summer, if I remember correctly. Hope you get some warmer (but not humid) weather soon and also discover cheer of another kind.

      1. Karin says:

        Mary-Elizabeth, thanks for your kind words. Yeah, it does get hot here, I just can’t remember when, lol. And oh yeah, thanks for reminding me that it’s only stuff.

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