Untouched for 66 years in their original boxes: 1949 Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets — and more

Plus: a Cusheen countertop and a GE stove — both NOS!

Youngstown Steel cabinet original boxWhat mysteries await, inside these crumbling old boxes???

Youngstown Steel cabinet original boxHowdy hudee: 10 New Old Stock Youngstown Steel Kitchen Cabinets — untouched by human fingerprints for 66 years — straight from the factory in 1949. I so want to be there when these little time capsules are opened!

Oh –> And there’s there’s a 1949 GE stove, also New Old Stock (NOS), to match!

–> And a Cusheen countertop!

Reader Ben emailed us about this discovery:

Hi there, I happened upon a time capsule, while helping a friend straighten out her family’s storage garage. The garage had been locked and forgotten for many years.

Youngstown Steel cabinet original box

As we snooped through the piles of keepsakes from her family, all long passed, we found approximately 10 unopened boxes of Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets. During the process of moving these boxes I found a newspaper in between the boxes that was dated 1949.

Youngstown Steel cabinet original box

In a different location sitting since 1949, there is a General Electric stove that is also unused in pristine condition — still has the price tag dangling off the handle. It’s really a cool looking piece with a clock and looks like a deep fryer maybe built into it. Again it looks to be brand spanking new, and I know it is unused. I’m pretty sure the stove was bought at the same time cabinets were purchased, probably all part of the same kitchen upgrade they were planning at the time.

Youngstown Steel cabinet original box

I plan to unpack these cabinets as soon as possible, I can’t wait to see what’s inside. I did take a peek in a couple of boxes and yes they look brand-new, regardless of what the rats and termites did to the cardboard boxes.

Thanks again, Pam,


Thank you, Ben, for thinking of us and sharing these photos! What a fabulous find! I’ll stay in touch, for sure, to find out what you decide to do with these treasures!

cusheen top
Wow: There’s also a  42″ black marbleized Cusheen countertop — see our story on Cusheen here.  Oh my word, I want to see this!

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  1. amy in Sacramento says:

    Please keep us posted! (Will they be put up for sale? I’m remodeling my kitchen right now…if I can only get my husband interested in these rather than Ikea cabinets…) 😉

  2. Birgitte says:

    Ha! Been there! Hubby is an IKEA-fanatic, but once I showed him my Pinterest board full of old print ads from here plus finished renovations from users, he finally got onboard. The fact that we save money on it helped too.

  3. Ben says:

    Yes indeed , for me this was a find of a lifetime. My friend and I were out on a Craigs list lead of a garage sale, selling just about everything under the sun. At the time I was looking for selvage lumbar, and there was plenty of it. Right off the bat we could see that the elderly lady was overwhelmed trying to do the sale on her own. So we offered to help with unpacking boxes and any sort of sweat labor that she required. ” Long story short ” we spent the next year practically every day going from room to room and box after box of this huge old house and outbuildings that were filled with three generations of stuff. It all ended up good, my friend and I along with a few volunteers, help her to set up a huge estate sale. She did well! And I ended up with a huge supply of reclaimed lumber and these steel kitchen cabinets, along with some lower back problems, that don’t allow me to do even as much as unpacking these cabinets for the time being . Hopefully within the next few days or week I’ll be back on my feet again . I am as anxious as all of you to see what’s inside?

  4. Karen says:

    Ben-you and your friend are remarkable people. It is one thing to offer a days service to a stranger, but to help out not knowing an end date is beyond special. She was truly blessed when you answered her ad.

  5. Michelle says:

    Wow, what a story. The waiting is torture, you’re killing us over here! I bet you found all kinds of neat treasures.

  6. Karin says:

    What a score! Can’t wait to see it all installed! And yes, my DH thought I more than a little daft to buy a set of Youngstowns and then pay more than their purchase price to have them repainted. I just can’t see living with the cheap Thermofoil cabinets any longer.
    Out with the new(ish) and in with the old.

  7. Sarah says:

    Squeeeee! My kitchen has the original 1952 Youngstown cabinets, which we restored, and the original Cusheen black marbelized countertop, which is fabulous. But seeing the boxes is great.

  8. Mireille Corcoran says:

    YOWZER!! Been looking for a set and what a find you found!! If for sale, I’m interested…

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