Folding closet doors – made to order by Beauti-Vue from New Old Stock

retro accordion doorRemember those 1970s folding doors made of woven wood that you would pull sideways to open and close accordian-style? Well, Beauti-Vue can use their New Old Stock woven wood roman shade materials to make custom-sized accordian folding doors, too! 47 outrageously retro yarny woven wood designs to choose from!

On my recent visit to the company, I was able to see a real-life door installed and in operation — it’s shown in the photo above. The door was being used as a closet door in one of the company’s offices, and I’m guessing that it has been there since shortly after the building was constructed in the mid 1970s. The door was gorgeous — and it still looked brand new.

woven wood folding doorsAbove: The vintage catalog that we profiled in a previous Beauti-Vue story has a little more information about the folding doors and some of the ways they can be used throughout the home.

woven wood folding doorsThe graphic above suggests using these woven wood folding doors to screen a Pullman kitchenette in a studio apartment… and to use them as easy-to-open-and-close room dividers.

woven wood folding doorsHere’s another page from their vintage catalog depicting of one of these doors being uses as a room divider to separate a living and dining area.

woven wood folding doorsAnd here’s another example of a pair of the doors being used to cover a closet in a child’s room — that’s Joy Grumbeck’s room from when she was a teenager — and she says she loved it! What a fun way to add more color and interest to a bedroom.

retro accordion doorThese woven wood accordion doors could be used in a multitude of ways throughout the home — to conceal otherwise unsightly are as such as a busy home office tucked into a common area living space … to hide laundry or built-in shelving units … or to simply add more color, texture and pattern to a room by replacing a closet door or adding a room divider. 

You can also be matchy-matchy — and order Roman Shades and a closet door in the same material. Oh my — can you just imagine!

retro accordion door retro accordion doorThese retro woven wood folding doors are infinitely more interesting than a typical closet door, plus they add a certain amount of textural interest and softness to any space.  Warning: You may find yourself petting your closet doors!

How to order:

  • All of the retro woven shade materials are in Beauti-Vue’s product gallery here. 
  • Before ordering, we recommend you consider getting a sample of the material first, to make sure the colors are what you expect — see our story about making shades from this material and you will see how the sample in real life may vary from what you see on-screen.
  • Each 9″ x 12″ samples is $10 plus shipping — the $10 is refundable if and when you place an order. Call Beauti-Vue [their phone number is on their website here] for instructions on how to get samples.
  • Prices for the doors are shown in Beauti-Vue’s Woven Woods Price list … and there’s a separate Order Form — see both of these on their homepage here –> Beauti-Vue Products Corp.
  • Considering these can get pricey, it’s probably best to go over the order with Beautie-Vue before they start cutting.

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  1. Brooke says:

    I too would be interested in seeing how the door turn out. I’m interested in ordering some but I’ve been waffling on whether they’re *too* retro or not. I’m not a purist so I’m trying to find a balance between MCM/Retro and modern/updated.

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