Beauti-Vue woven wood and yarn sunburst clocks — vintage catalog and images

retro woven wood clockWe’re calling these Beauti-Vue woven wood starburst clocks woddities — because unless find one vintage (which we did!) you can’t get one made by Beauti-Vue any more.

The clocks were made with the same woven wood used on the company’s window shades, but put together in a circular, fanned out shape with a clock face in the center. Beauti-Vue didn’t have any more of these clocks hidden away in the back, but Pam found uncovered one for sale on Etsy!

Four Beauti-Vue clock designs spotted in the catalog

Thanks to Beauti-Vue owner Stormy Grumbeck, who let me take home a copy of an old clock catalog to scan and archive here on Retro Renovation.

The sunburst clocks were available in four color ways that coordinated with their swag lamp collection:

retro sunburst clock clock-features

Beauti-Vue “Clairmont” clock design:

retro sunburst clockretro woven wood clockPam spotted a real-live Clairmont color scheme Beauti-Vue retro woven wood sunburst clock for sale on Etsy, by seller ThrillofheThrift.

Lookie, the clock face even says “Beauti-Vue!”

retro woven wood sunburst clock retro woven wood sunburst clock retro woven wood sunburst clock retro woven wood sunburst clock retro woven wood sunburst clock retro woven wood sunburst clock retro woven wood sunburst clockAnd then, shown above, she spotted this Lexington design Beauti-Vue clock on ebay. 

retro woven wood clock1970s swag lampClairmont features the same yarn colors [but different slats] as the swag lamps that Pam and I bought from Beauti-Vue — how neat to see the matching clock!

retro woven wood clockThe Etsy seller says this clock is dated 1977, groovy.

retro woven wood clockThe back of the clock gives you some idea of how the sunburst fan was constructed. I suppose if you really wanted to make your own and could figure out the equation to calculate how much woven wood you need — along with the extra yarn required left at the ends to tie togther — it would be a doable retro crafty project.

Beauti-Vue “Splendor” clock design:

retro sunburst clock

Beauti-Vue “Matalina” clock design:

retro sunburst clock

Beauti-Vue “Lexington” clock design:

retro sunburst clock retro sunburst clockWouldn’t these clocks also be neat as mirrors? Pop the hands off, find a circular mirror in the right diameter and boom — instant woven wood sunburst wall mirror.

retro sunburst clock retro sunburst clockMega thanks to Stormy Grumbeck for loaning me this vintage sunburst clock brochure and to Etsy seller ThrilloftheThrift — to see the clock for sale click here —  for letting us feature her sunburst clock photos.

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  1. Neil says:

    I’m still waiting for the installment that presents fabulous swag lamps made from the strings of plastic curtain-beads.

  2. Ed says:

    Timekeeping accuracy… within thirty seconds in a 24 hour period… Hmm, that’s “up to” 15 minutes in a month. Though, if you work it right, you’ll only have to reset the clock once for daylight savings time, it’ll make the other change itself. 😀
    I realize that’s basically a “worst case” scenario, thirty seconds in a day just kind of jumped out at me.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks to Web Dev Studios/Maintainn. Apparently some sort of caching issue related to a recent Word Press update.

  3. Ranger Smith says:

    Mounted on a paneled wall would appear to be their natural habitat. These would have looked great in the Brady Bunch den.

    1. Trudi says:

      I can just picture Mike and Carol along with Alice watching the clock waiting for Marcia to get home from her date with Davy Jones!

  4. midmichigan says:

    Very cool. You’ve shown us their clocks, lamps, doors, shades; the possibilities seem limitless for Beauti-Vue. What else are you going to surprise us with? Pam and Kate; are you holding out? Let’s see; I can’t wait for the Beauti-Vue toolboxes covers, umbrellas, hoodies, pillow shams and duvet covers, snow gators, dashboard covers…

  5. Rick S says:

    Let’s see, I count 78 slats, add 2 to remove so there is extra yarn to tie ends together. Order material about 10 inches wide and you could DIY a clock or mirror and be the envy of the block.

    Ready to rock the glue gun? 🙂


    1. pam kueber says:

      Yup, although I would give myself more yarn on the ends so I’d be sure to have enough yarn to tie the ends together.

      Also, I was thinking: You could make your own lamp shades using the same idea/method…

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