Do you love sputnik lights but don’t have the room for the classic, a big pendant chandelier? Good news: Practical Props has just introduced a Sputnik ceiling light — they call it the “Starlight” — and it drops just 4″ from the ceiling. I could definitely see this wee sputnik fitting nicely in hallways, mudrooms, small bathrooms — even small bedrooms. And, the price is terrific — just $79, including the bulbs.

And howdy hudee: Come back tomorrow, because Practical Props will be hosting a giveaway!

small sputnik lightsputnik ceiling lightThere are two finishes, chrome and satin brass. More details from Practical Props’ website:

The CF-11 Sputnik is designed to be used as a wall sconce or a ceiling fixture.
Perfect for hallways, bathrooms or any small area.
This light comes with your choice of 10, 15 or 20 watt clear or white round bulbs.
Add $10 for 7 watt Starlight bulbs.

Like Practical Props’ other lighting, these lights are made by them in their California studios.

sputnik lights

Don’t forget, we also are googly-eyed over Practical Props’ growing selection of Sputnik lights — surely the largest variety in the galaxy!

Where to buy the new CF-11 Sputnik lights:

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but, this story was not part of any sort of “deal”.
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  1. Tom says:

    Love this store! I stop in here to look at their cool vintage lighting, they’re sales people are very nice too! Small independent shop packed with amazing lights!

  2. Brooke says:

    I was thinking of using the 20″ or 24″ sconce as a ceiling light but I wonder if it’s not recommended if they’ve come out with this new light as a specific cieling light. I don’t think this one would be big enough/give off enough light for my whole kitchen. I guess I could contact them and ask if those could be used as ceiling lights.



      1. Brooke says:

        Thanks Sherree! I bet the 3 look spectacular 🙂 I only have 1 ceiling light location in the kitchen though, do you think 1 would be bright enough? Could I bother you for a picture? I can leave an email address for you if you don’t have any way to link a photo

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Lovely! And I was thinking how good the light would be in one of those modest ranches (like mine) with ceilings that are just under 8 feet high. My 6 foot plus brother bumps into any pendant light or fan that is not positioned over a bed or table.

  4. Jay says:

    Very nice, one of these days I will order a regular one for the dining room. Always interested in their products and I believe in supporting small businesses.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I only did a one-query search on your site and then the ‘net and found only one article of history/background on Sputnik lights. Can you give a little story or link about how they came about, when-ish ( I know 1957 was when Sputnik was launched but when were the light fixtures launched?), any ads…?

  6. Judy H. says:

    These sputnik flush mounts are the best! I’ve got 2 rooms where I’d love to put one. Now that I’ve seen them, I’ll probably HAVE to, they will be stuck in my mind forever!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Fly Me to the Moon and Let Me Play Among the Sputnik Ceiling Lights! Yes, please, I’d like to win one of those beauties!

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