Mini Kate and Jim decorate their Betsy McCall DIY Dollhouse for Christmas

retro dollhouse christmasNow that the lights are up on the exterior of their 1955 split level dollhouse, mini Kate and mini Jim have moved indoors to warm up and decorate the living room. There’s lots to be done before Christmas morning! 

retro dollhouse christmasFirst, mini Jim and Kate tackle the job of decorating their aluminum Christmas tree.

retro dollhouse christmasThen mini Jim puts the finishing touches on the mantel display… Doesn’t the tiny ornament wreath look fabulous!

retro dollhouse christmas…There are stockings for all three members of the household.

retro dollhouse christmasThe living room is really starting to look festive!

retro dollhouse christmasMini Kate has been busy getting Kitschmas Krazy Krafty again — this time, at the suggestion of reader Paul here on Retro Renovation, she made a mini midcentury putz house!

No challenge is too big — or too little!

retro dollhouse christmas retro dollhouse christmas retro dollhouse christmasTime for some hot buttered rum hot chocolate to help mini Jim and mini Kate relax after all of this hard work!

retro dollhouse christmas“Hey look what else I made, mini Jim…”

retro dollhouse christmas“…a Shiny Brite ornament tree…and it took just 5 minutes!”

retro dollhouse christmasTime to wrap a few last-minute gifts.

retro dollhouse christmas“Don’t let little Leo see you with that wrapping paper out. You know how he likes to shred paper!”

5 minutes later…

retro dollhouse christmas“Oh noooooo!”

retro dollhouse christmas retro dollhouse christmas retro dollhouse christmasAfter they cleaned up little Leo’s mess, mini Jim and Kate decided to kick back and enjoy the romance and sparkle of the season…

retro dollhouse christmas…feeling bad for his earlier naughtiness, little Leo tries to be nice and help the mood with a little mistletoe.

retro dollhouse christmas

retro dollhouse christmas card

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  1. Trish says:

    The work that went into this is amazing! In my mind I could imagine being those little dolls and being inside that tiny house. Reminds me of home. I really enjoyed this! Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. tammyCA says:

    Love it! The mini putz house & stacked shiny brute tree are too darn cute..heck, it’s all darn cute! Hee-hee, and, mini Kate “criss-cross applesauce”.

  3. mimi says:

    AND the color-block sweater with matching shoes; Jim’s boxy tweed blazer! Oh, what fun it is to ride in this little holiday story. Love the teensy logs in the fireplace, and what looks like a family portrait on the mantel, too. Sweet story, happy life. Thanks for the smiles, Kate. Merry Christmas indeed!

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Ha, ha! This was my fate when teaching middle school. However, I “graduated” to teaching college writing, and the joke was on me. Their final exams and/or writing portfolios were due just before Christmas break, leaving me with stacks of papers to read, with final grades due sometimes the day before Christmas and sometimes a day or two after! 🙁

  5. Pat in PA says:

    Loved this segment of Mini-Kate, Mini-Jim and Little Leo’s adventures! You should really consider making this into a book for all of your fans to purchase 🙂

  6. bev olfert says:

    You. Are. Awesome! I think this is great! Way to embrace your craziness – I completely support this particular kind of crazy 😉 Merry Christmas . . . and pretty please keep the ‘mini’ posts coming!

  7. Donna K Kasper says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Merry mini Christmas, Mini Kate, Mini Jim and Little Leo! From the (not mini) Kaspers in Tennessee!

  8. Marie says:

    Adorable. You even got one of those Christmas tree train sets for their little Christmas tree.

    Err, I mean, mini Jim got one. Good on you, mini Jim!

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