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Terrazzo is an era-appropriate material to use in a midcentury home — either as flooring or in the bathroom. These terrazzo shower bases by Fiat come in 30 shapes and sizes — a great find — great variety!!!! — to consider as part of a gut remodel of your bathroom or for a replacement shower pan. Pam says that if she had known about these when she renovated her bathrooms 10 years ago, they would have been very strong contenders indeed. 

terrazzo shower baseAbout Fiat’s terrazzo shower pans from their website:

  • Monterey shower floors are designed for installations where tile walls and glass enclosures are used.
  • Precast terrazzo one piece products are made of black and white marble chips cast in white portland cement to produce a compressive strength of not less than 3000 P.S.I., seven days after casting.
  • The terrazzo surface is ground and polished with all air holes and/or pits grouted and the excess removed. Shower floors are available in custom sizes.

maple-glen-1-4Pam spotted terrazzo shower pans at the new annex to the Red Lion Inn. Not sure of the maker. But, these terrazzo shower bases look SO NICE.

terrazzo shower baseTerrazzo shower bases from Fiat are listed on their website as MSRPing rom $434 – $1033 depending on size and style. Of course: Shop around, you may get a better price.

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  1. pam kueber says:

    Hmmmm… Thanks, Pamela. I encourage anyone interested in these to talk to the manufacturer themselves. I am suspecting there is more to the story.

  2. Vix says:

    Hi Pam — a little late to the discussion but wanted to share another resource as I put a custom terrazzo pan in 8 years ago from Creative Industries Terrazzo in Chicago.

    CIT was great to work with and the cost was reasonable compared to cast iron and Swanstone etc (~ 500 for a 500 lb base + about another 500 for shipping to the West Coast when gas was 4/gallon).

    Disclaimer: I sealed per instructions but I do think minerals in our water have etched it around the drain — intend to have an expert out to see about a mild facelift — but love it and the vibe in our 1905 house (we did more of a 20s bath). IMO it’s a great product that spans the decades!

  3. Genevieve says:

    Just FYI, for those looking, Menards has many of the Fiat Terrazzo shower bases. We were looking everywhere for a local dealer and we’re surprised to find out they sold them in many sizes.

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