New retro-style resilient flooring options from Mannington

mannington blockprintResilient sheet flooring — either vinyl or linoleum — are both authentic options for midcentury-style homes. I also like this style of flooring because it’s typically easy to clean — same reason as Mrs. America! Mannington is a big name in this market, and recently, we received tips from two readers — Brittney, then Patricia — about some new options in their product line.

Above: Brittney spotted “Blockprint” from Mannington.

Brittney wrote:

Hi Pam and Kate!

I’ve been shopping for new flooring and recently came across a few designs I thought would look good for my retro redo. When I got home I thought I’d do a search to see if other styles/colors were available in the filigree line. I found that it really was a retro release in honor of their 100th anniversary! I just thought I’d share incase you hadn’t seen these yet. Here is a link that talks about it:

Thanks, Brittney.

Readers, this flooring is in Mannington’s Commercial line. It’s an important reminder: When we retrophiles are shopping for flooring like this, we may likely have our best luck in the Commercial section of manufacturer/retailers’ websites.

Meanwhile, Patricia spotted several new designs in Mannington’s Residential line that, while not exactly midcentury modern, have elements of retro style from eras before and after:

mannington filigreeAbove: This Mannington Filigree design reminds me of 1970s designs. I like the tone-on-tone designs — great for a floor — although, of course, I’d love to see more color colors. Imagine this in… shades of avocado! Wouldn’t that be dreamy!

mannington union wayAbove: Mannington’s Union Way featured staggered bricks. Very low chroma, reflecting so much of contemporary design today. But potentially useful nonetheless. Mannington, can we have: Red bricks?

mannington pennyAbove: Grayed-out hex tiles with dots, but in a resilient sheet flooring. For a retro hippy house, maybe?

More flooring options:

  1. Kathi Gosnell says:

    I’m wondering what the flooring is in the picture at the top of the article? Doesn’t seem to link out to anywhere or be mentioned in the article so OF COURSE it’s my favorite. 🙂 Can anyone help me out? I’ve been digging around Mannington’s site, but there’s about a million options and I’m starting to get a little loopy.

  2. Felicia Alexander says:

    Hi, Nancy,

    The Mannington Filigree Brass is definitely more cream/beige. It’s certainly not yellow. I wouldn’t say it’s taupe, either, because taupe to me indicates a grayer tone than this pattern has.

    We have a bit left over, so if Pam would be so kind as to give you my email address, you can email me your address and I can mail you a color sample via Priority Mail.

    I’m sorry to hear the pattern is being discontinued. We’re moving, and I would have liked to have it in my new laundry room, too.

  3. Felicia Alexander says:

    Thank you so much for this post. We are having a water drainage system installed in our walk-in basement, which means that the cheery yellow original 1970s arabesque/sun motif linoleum in the laundry room has to go (sigh). It turns out that the Mannington Filigree pattern in Brass will be the perfect replacement. The color is lighter than the current linoleum, so it should open up what is now a fairly dark, windowless room while still giving a nod to the house’s vintage. Will try to post before/after pictures if they turn out well.

    1. Nancy Meads says:

      A question for Felicia Alexander or Pam about the Filigree-Brass. It is being discontinued now, so I cannot see a sample, but I have found a small amount available I could buy, site unseen.. Was wondering if someone could tell me if the color is yellowish or more cream & taupe, or whatever it is.

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