Windows and doors that don’t require trim molding — a sleek option

flush door jambWould you like to install windows and doors that require no trim? Reader ineffablespace — who recently shared his terrazzo-like shower base using Corian ‘Silver Birch’ — discovered a sleek way to install flush window and door jambs — with EZY Jamb. These flush jambs remove the need for trim molding around windows and doors, creating a modern, minimalist look. 

flush door jambIneffablespace writes:

I’ve talked about how there are certain details (or lack of details) that I am refining as I renovate my 1965 house. Some of these will be closer to what the architect intended than what was actually built, and some of them will be the sorts of details architects were using at the time for one-off client-based houses rather than in builders’ houses like mine.

On the hinged door opening I am doing completely flush jambs because I found a product that means that the whole detail does not have be be fabricated onsite.

The product he used: EZY Jamb.

From the EZY Jamb website:

EZYJamb is a split-type door jamb manufactured from cold rolled steel to produce a strong and secure assembly.

The EZYJamb Classic Adjust EZC, comes with perforated sides for flush finishing which produces a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail.

The completed jamb is flush finished and can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixing, achieving simple clean lines around the door face.

The incorporation of reinforced edges overcomes the continual damage door jambs are subjected to by normal everyday use.

flush door jamb

Ineffablespace adds:

In real life it looks like this (above), and then it gets plastered or spackled over. This is the Inswing side of the door. The hinges are hidden in the jamb (this is an upgrade). The whole assembly, not including the door, was about $500, which is not cheap, but it’s a good alternative to fabricating it onsite. (And the hinges themselves are a pricey part of the assembly). There aren’t a lot of doors in this house.

flush door hinge

A company called Fry Reglet just came out with their version too. (Above)

This may be something people are interested in if they are building new, or doing a complete renovation.

In addition, we see that Ezy Jamb has a molding to make molding-free windows, too. It’s called EZY Jamb Ezy Reveal. Pam’s contractors used similar metal edgings for the recessed shelves in her office. And on her doors and windows in her kitchen, they found similar — but rounded — edging that could then be spackled over and painted.

Thanks for the tip, ineffable!

Manufacturers of flush window and door jamb systems/edging:

  1. Xiao Li says:

    Would this be cheaper than the traditional skirting around the door and possibly for removing skirting entirely in the house?

  2. Joe Felice says:

    How cool! I never heard of these, and didn’t know they were available for doors. I do recognize them from some cabinets I’ve see, though.

    1. ineffablespace says:

      I did a simple “jib” linen/supply closet in the hallway outside my last bathroom that was just a drywall opening with stops installed and a 3/4″ MDF door and heavy duty concealed cabinet hinges.

      Since you only saw the outside, it didn’t need a latch or anything, and it was not an opening you would pass through or even open every day, the drywall jambs held up fine on that.

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