Art-Van-Sofa-2This story goes to show: There are deals out there… and that, you never know where you might find midcentury modern style furniture in today’s mid mad mod design world. Reader Stacy emailed me over the weekend to share a tip about a big sale on this MCM style sectional on mega sale — the Bloom sectional — for just $795 — at Art Van Furniture. Alas…

Art-Van-Sofa… before I could even get this story up, the sectional sold out. There are still some occasional chairs on sale, though.

Stacy wrote (lightly edited):

Hi Pam, just wanted to make you aware of this Don Draper worthy sectional sofa that is on clearance from Art Van furniture. Ours arrived today and I’m in love.

I opened up the NuTone record player in these pics, too. It still works and we rock out with it often. Plays through intercoms throughout the house. I have the original paperwork for it, too.

With the sofa, we are one step closer to our own time capsule house. THANK YOU for RetroRenovation!!!!


It appears that Art Van is regionalized encompassing Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Ohio. But they also say they ship. I think this story also goes to show: Shopping around can certainly pay dividends — especially if you can find a local retailer where you can test the goods to ensure the quality seems worth the price.

  1. Anne Blackwell says:

    Congrats, Stacy, on that fabulous find. I’ve been searching for the perfect sectional sofa for too many years. You have yours, happily! So glad!

  2. Karin says:

    Lucky Stacy! There are so many great furniture companies to choose from in the USA.
    As Canadian MCM fans we found it challenging to find a new Eames/Draper style sectional. There are fewer options here. We decided on Ikea’s Landskrona leather sectional. It wasn’t as much of a steal (sigh), but it looks a lot like this sectional. I am thinking about swapping out its chrome legs for custom tapered wooden ones.

    Love the stereo. And that gear/cog (?) shaped coffee table is wild.
    Never seen one quite like it. BTW, what is the movie poster? Is it The Time Machine? I loved both versions.

      1. Janet in ME says:

        I thought maybe it was Heywood-Wakefield early 70’s. They had a group of really eclectic stuff in pine, like a box with a drawer on top of a lady’s leg, a la Christmas story lamp. But a lot of companies made stuff for Ethan Allen. Their stack units look just like Heywood-Wakefield too. What a buy on that sofa! Very nice clean style and look.

      2. Stacy Pasche says:

        Yes, the cog table is stamped Ethan Allen on the bottom. It was in my house growing up. Two generations of people have bashed their shins into those unforgiving pegs! The game table behind the sofa is early 1970s Ethan Allen as well, although I don’t see the EA markings. It was purchased through EA by my folks.

        1. Kathy says:

          Swoon! anything marked EA maple 1970’s. Saw room full of dining room stuff on local craigslist lately they couldn’t give away. Wish I had the space for it. I’d take it all!

    1. Stacy Pasche says:

      Poster is a replica of the original Walt Disney World “Haunted Mansion” attraction poster.

  3. mobile_home_dude says:

    Ooh that turntable! It may say Nutone, but it looks like it may have been supplied by Voice of Music in Benton Harbor, Michigan. They supplied turntables for a lot of brand name record players up until the mid 70s. They have the coolest website. You can still order NOS parts and a very few early 70s turntables. The 60s one are better, though. And the sectional is pretty neat, too.

    1. Stacy Pasche says:

      Thank you for the tip! I’m about 3.5 hrs north of Benton Harbor in a rural area. Not sure where people went in 1966 (when the house was built) for their stereo needs.

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