Terrazzio terrazzo floor tiles — 14 colors and 20 sizes, a lovely choice for a midcentury home


Terrazzo flooring
Sterling White Terrazzio

If you are on the hunt for new flooring for your midcentury home, we’ve got another option for you. Mega thanks to readers Jim and Suzanne for tipping us to Terrazzio. Made with traditional marble, Terrazzio is available in 14 standard colors with the additional option of working with the company to create custom color blends, too.

Terrazzio offers 20 different, large-format tile sizes from 24″ x 24″  to 96″x 48″ — allowing you to minimize joint lines and create a seamless look like original terrazzo without having to bring in a company that can pour a new terrazzo floor (if you can even find one!). While we will guess this stuff is spendy, my, is certainly looks to be beautiful — and oh so authentic for a midcentury modern house, condo, or apartment.

From the Terrazzio website:

Terrazzio is beautiful terrazzo, made with traditional marble, to present the warm pleasing variety of “nature” in a durable floor that will last the life of your building. Terrazzio is simply an ancient product, produced with modern techniques, in fresh colors and unique sizes to give the designer more options to create.

Terrazzio Benefits

  • Authentic Terrazzo
  • Very Large Format Tile
  • Fast Installation Time
  • Metazzio or Grouted Joints
  • Higher Quality Control of Tile over Poured in Place
  • 14 Standard Traditional Colors
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Custom Water Saw Cuts for Sweeping Curves
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Low Installed Cost
  • 20% Recycled Content
  • Building Lifetime Longevity

14 standard colors

Terrazzio is available in 14 standard colors to provide the designer greater creative opportunities. Unique floor patterns bring subtle, or dramatic, variety to the Terrazzio installation. Standard colors and standard sizes can be used together in any design.

Terrazzo flooring
Arctic White Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Sterling White Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Parchment White Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Bleached Moss Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Italian Blend Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Nougat Red Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
African Pink Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Beige Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Cinnamon Yellow Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Deck Gray Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Gibraltar Gray Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Onyx Mint Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Moss Black Terrazzio
Terrazzo flooring
Baldwin Black Terrazzio

Custom Color Program
We can create any background color with your 2″ x 2″ color chip and we can provide a huge variety of colored stones to create the custom color you want. There is a $500.00 sample charge, and you will receive your sample in 45 days. This charge will be credited to your first 1,500 square feet of the custom colors.

Large Format Presents the Look of Traditional Terrazzo
Terrazzio is Large. We manufacture a 16-square-foot tile and a 32-square foot panel to provide the look of Authentic Terrazzo. Our single 4’ x 4’ tile covers the same area as 16 – 12” x 12” tiles. Terrazzio is available in 20 standard sizes, which promotes creative design freedom for innovative floor patterns. We also have Water Jet Cutting. If you can draw it, we can make it.

Tip, dear readers: Also be sure to check this manufacturers’ specifications about where it’s appropriate to install this type of floor tile.

>> Read more about this product and get price quotes via the Terrazzio website.

  1. Joe Felice says:

    When we lived in Italy, terrazzo floors were everywhere, and we didn’t think anything of it.

    “Spendy,” I guess is what you need to be to complete a mid-century renovation.

  2. Angela says:

    I like terrazzo floors especially for hotter climates. Also I like the pictures of it in a “real” kitchen.

  3. Cyd says:

    We installed Fritztile in our kitchen five years ago or so. Laid without a grout line so it looks like a solid surface. Looking at the Terrazio colors above, ours is something close to Italian Blend. We have a mid century modern and I really wanted poured terrazo and there is a company here (Houston TX) that has been in business many years that installs and refinishes. Their price was something like $6,000 for our small 10×15 kitchen. Fritztile was a very good alternative.

  4. pam kueber says:

    Yes, we love Fritztile! I can’t remember if we’ve featured it on the blog before, but it’s come up a few times.

    I need to do a story if I haven’t already! Thanks!

  5. Felicia Alexander says:

    Thank you for this information, Cyd. I’m looking into terrazzo as a possibility for the foyer of a 1962 midcentury modest ranch we’re in the process of buying. The current foyer flooring is vinyl terrazzo-look tile in a pattern that doesn’t complement the hardwood flooring in the living room or the custom hand-carved hardwood front door. The real thing in a more complementary pattern is an appealing idea.

  6. Stephen Drucker says:

    I can recommend this company highly. Did my entire 1968 house with four-foot-square Terrazzio tiles. The result looks poured. Yes, it’s expensive, but you get a true terrazzo floor at a fraction of the cost of a poured one. The company was super-professional and a pleasure from start to finish.

  7. Jessica Payne says:

    Hey everyone! I recently ordered samples from this company and they are gorgeous!! Here is the pricing if anyone is interested:

    2’ x 2’ x 3/8” @ $16.85/sf = $67.40 per tile

    2’ x 4’ x 3/8” @ $16.85/sf = $134.80 per tile

    4’ x 4’ x 3/8” @ $15.75/sf = $252.00 per tile

    4’ x 8’ x 3/8” @ $17.95sf = $574.40 per panel

  8. Caroline M says:

    Hi Jessica, thanks for posting this. We just ordered our samples and waiting for them to arrive. Did you decide to go with Terrazzio? Was there a minimum order required?


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