Bath tubs and shower bases in 18 retro colors — including Dresden Blue, Daydream, Shell, Seafoam


Do you want a bathtub or shower base in an old-school color like Shell, Daydream (robin’s egg blue), Fawn Beige, Innocent Blush or Sea Foam? Following up on a lead in a reader bathroom remodel soon to be featured, I discovered that Aker — a manufacturer of fiberglass bathtubs, shower bases, and shower walls — can make them in 18 vintage colors.

Note: Click any image and they will double in size on a desktop computer screen.

This list of colors is actually on the Maax site, which also produces Aker; it’s my understanding that even though Aker only shows 13 colors, you can actually get any of the 18 on the Maax site:

bathtub-colorsAdmittedly, many of these colors are likely from the late 1970s solidly into the 1980s and tapering off in the 1990s. AND: Some are still available from Kohler, on their fiberglass tubs — so cross-check there if you are shopping around.

But a few may be good enough for earlier eras. I’d love to see the Shell, which Aker Customer Service reads like a real light pink-peach leaning toward the pink. Also, that Daydream. Was that a Kohler color, a very very light blue, available until just a few years ago? Innocent Blush, too — a light pink, as I recall.

colors-akerBy rows, from top, left to right:

  • Ice Grey (17) [note: Kohler also has a color called Ice Grey]
  • Mexican Sand (053) [Kohler also lists this color]
  • Sandbar (143) [Kohler also lists this color]
  • Black (015) [Kohler has this color too]
  • Daydream [a robin’s egg blue] (023)
  • Dresden Blue (021)
  • Dusty Rose (071)
  • Fawn Beige (054)
  • Glacier Blue (024)
  • Innocent Blush (066) [Kohler has this color]
  • Logan Berry (065)
  • Ruby (073)
  • Sea Foram (034)
  • Shell [real light pink-peach] (069)
  • Sky Light (028)
  • Sterling Silver (006)
  • Sunlight (168)
  • Thunder Gray (019) [Kohler has this color too]
  • Timberline (036)
  • Wild Rose (067)

Alas, neither Maax nor Aker have sample chips. No photos, eithers. They said most of these are sold to folks who know the color they are looking for, and are swapping out a beat-up old tub or shower for a new one.

Other details:

  • The color is embedded into the gel coat. It’s sprayed into the mold, then backed by fiberglass; then, the whole thing cools and is pulled off the mold.
  • Whirlpools are not gel-coated, so you cannot get them in these colors.
  • There is a 4-6 week lead time, principally to allow time to get the paint for the gel coat, which is not kept in stock due to spoilage potential.
  • I asked about pricing. The list price for Prices available from retailers – List price for a T-060 alcove tub in Shell would be $462. Of course, you’ll need to work through a local retailer, who may have a different price.

Want to make a whole bathroom using new? Looks like you could do it with Dresden and Sterling Silver; maybe . Peerless has both toilets and sinks in the following colors; see our full story here:

retro toilet

Thanks to Lynne and Bob for leading me to this story!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh, my! This is a godsend to those in older 2-story homes who really wanted to install a second bathroom with tub upstairs but were concerned about the combined weight of the tub, water, and bather.
    Question – do the tubs have that overflow/overfill hole thingie under the faucet? I can’t see by the photo.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Carolyn, I’m not sure re your question. I called Customer Service at Aker to get help with this story, and they were very helpful. I’m sure they could tell you.

  2. Lynne says:

    My standard 60″ Aker tub DOES have the overflow. Its nicely covered so you don’t look into a gaping black hole. What I like about it is that it has a raised pebby lumpy bottom. Not the hard to clean sandpaper type shapes. If that makes any sense.

    As for the colors, ask your plumber. He took care of ordering my tub and installing it, and I’m wondering if they have color sheets or have access to samples through the trade.

    PS You’re welcome Pam!

    1. Carolyn says:

      Lynne, that’s the answer to my question. All my previous tubs had it under the flipper for the drain plug which you can’t see until you’re seated.
      My fiberglass tub for mobile homes doesn’t have one – yikes! the first time I filled and then got in. Or should I say Eureka!

      1. la673 says:

        Nearly every tub I’ve seen made in the last 60 years has standardized round openings for both the drain and the overflow. You can fill them with all sorts of styles – lever-operated, tap drain to open/close, a strainer, a rubber drain plug on a chain, etc., which are made by many manufacturers.

  3. Madeline says:

    Oh, now THIS is uncanny! My husband and I were just talking about sourcing colored shower pans only last night!

    On a slightly unrelated note, you wouldn’t by any chance know of a period correct (to the 70’s, that is) low-boy toilet? I love the look of the old Kohler Pompton and Rochelle models, but as we’ll be building a house from scratch I suspect building codes will require a modern, ultra-low-flush design. So no salvage unfortunately…

    The closest one I can find manufactured nowadays is the Kohler Rialto. (I’ve dated that back to 1984, but I’d like to know if it was around any earlier.)

    I’m going to check American Standard and other brands next. Otherwise it’ll be from Peerless in Harvest Gold.

  4. la673 says:

    It’s unfortunate that the few manufacturers still making colored plumbing fixtures barely publicize that fact. We need to make these companies aware that there *is* a market for them beyond the occasional old house owner that needs to replace a broken fixture and wants it to match what’s already there.

    Looking through the Aker website, it seems this company generally markets their wares to the trade – plumbers and remodelers – rather than directly to consumers (although they’ll happily sell to anyone). They custom-build the nonstandard colors which is why they can offer such a wide variety of colors in a wide variety of products (I WANT this 6′ long “innocent blush” tub/shower module! http://www.akerbymaax.com/en/products/tubshowers/alcove/sbw3672 ; Or maybe this deep, wide tub: http://www.akerbymaax.com/en/products/bathtubs/rectangular/gt4860 ). I also note that none of their retailers are anywhere near the left coast. Also that they are owned by MAAX – a really big company. There’s hope.

  5. Joe Felice says:

    There was a color back in the day that was extremely popular. It was a cross between beige and pink. I always called it “flesh.” I think the peach bisque is the closest to that.

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