Bassett Colorama bedroom set — featuring 4 interchangeable laminate inserts — from 1961-1963


00101_f2rsrsxemnh_600x450One bedroom set — mix and match your trim color — that’s the rare Bassett Colorama, built from 1961 to 1963. The trick to this “Vista White” painted bedroom set: The color of the diamonds can be changed out to any one of four different sets of vintage laminate panels: turquoise, pink, red or Mandarin yellow. I’ve never seen this set before — what a clever idea! Thanks to reader Kami for spotting this woddity — a complete set for sale on craigslist in Terre Haute, Indiana. I ringy dingied owner Bill right away, and he gave me permission to archive all of his photos. Check them out, stat!  

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Here’s what his listing says:

Please note : This bedroom set is for local pick up at my home in Terre Haute, Indiana. I would be willing to deliver this set within a 150 radius of Terre Haute for a reasonable delivery charge. If by chance you live farther away I would be willing to work with you. I will not break this set up. Also I will not ship this.
Vintage 4 – Piece Art Deco – Mid Century Modern Bedroom set from Bassett Furniture Industries Inc. This collection is called ” Colorama.” This was introduced in October 1961 and discontinued in July 1963.
My 1st picture shows this set from the Bassett catalog. The only thing that is different is that my bed does not have book shelves and the mirror on my dresser is on the right — hand side and this is the way it came from Bassett. (This can be moved to the center.) Everything else is exactly the same.
00x0x_2zyvfh0ogyo_600x450 00d0d_93d8lkaq1hp_600x450 00k0k_etaqybmz027_600x450He continues:
The set consist of a full size bed, 2 – drawer night stand, 4 – drawer upright dresser and 6 – drawer dresser with mirror. On the top drawer of each piece and the bed there is a cut out diamond pattern. This is where it gets really fun!You slide in different colored Formica panels. The colors consist of turquoise, pink, mandarin yellow and red. They slide in from the left or the right sides, it’s that easy !I’m now going to give you the information for each piece and the dimensions, etc.Full size bed. Head board and foot board are made of solid mahogany. Legs are tapered. Bed rails are made of steel. Condition of this is excellent and very clean.Night stand. Made of mahogany. Has 2 – drawers. Legs are tapered. Condition is excellent and very clean. Dimensions : 22″ long x 14 1/4″ deep x 22″ tall.

Upright dresser. Made of mahogany. Has 4 – drawers. Legs are tapered. Printed on the back : F1 148-50 Vista White 250 4 DR

Chest S – 26-11-81. Dimensions : 36″ long x 17 3/4″ deep x 40″ tall. Condition is excellent and very clean. Has very minor paint loss.

Dresser with mirror. Made of mahogany. Has 6 – drawers. Legs are tapered. Printed on the back : 1 48 – 50 Vista White 217 DBL DR Base S 26-11-81. Dimensions : 52″ long x 18″ deep x 31 1/4″ tall. Condition is excellent and veryclean. Has very minor paint loss.

Mirror. Frame is made of mahogany. Printed on the back : BF 1 1 48-50 Vista White. 211 or 231 FRA T. The mirror is dated on the back : Nov. 5 1963 Bassett M. Co. Dimensions of frame : 25 1/2″ wide x 43 1/2″ tall. Condition is excellent and very clean. Has very minor paint loss. The condition of the mirror is Excellent.

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As I’ve stated the colored panels are made of Formica. The turquoise and red are on each side and there are ( 7 ) panels. The pink and mandarin yellow are on each side and there are (6) panels. There are no panels missing.
I took the time and took pictures of all the colored panels in all (4) pieces so you could get an idea what each color looks like as a set. I will be glad to send you more pictures of this so you can see everything.
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Now. the answers to some of your questions. Some of this I have in my description and some I do not:

1. This set originally belonged to my aunt. So you will be the 2nd owner. She was a non – smoker and she took very good care of this. She was very proud to own this.

2. The bed rails are made of solid steel.

3. You will receive (4) bed slats. These are made of pine and have never been used.

4. The legs on all the pieces are tapered.

5. The factory color is Vista White.

6. The wood on all the pieces is mahogany.

7. As for the Formica panels in the colors of turquoise, red, pink and mandarin yellow. If these colors don’t meet your taste you can paint them any color you choose. The possibilities are endless on the different colors. Try something different ! I think the color of black would look fabulous !


8. The top drawers on the night stand and both dresser are stamped: Bassett Furniture Industries Inc.

9. All the drawers open and close in the correct manner ( very smooth )

10. As stated above the condition on everything is excellent and very clean with only very minor paint loss as indicated.

I have given you (24) pictures to look at. Please take a moment and examine my pictures so you can see everything clearly. I will be glad to send additional pictures if you are truly interested. I have about (45) more pictures.

Hopefully I have addressed everything I need to share with you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

In closing this is truly a beautiful 4-piece set of vintage furniture that rarely comes up for sale complete. Here is your opportunity to own something truly special and rare. The price for the entire 4-piece set is 1495.00 obo.

Please call or email with any questions you may have. Thank you.

Pretty cool, huh? Who’s gonna get it?
Link love, one more time: Bassett Colorama Bedroom Set for sale in Terre Haute

  1. Karyn says:

    This is the set I had as a kid! My bed had the bookcase headboard, and I had the corner desk that matched the set. Wish I still had that set……

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