tiki-mugs-glasses-libbeyA big glassware maker — Libbey — has jumped on the tiki bandwagon and now has a pretty big line of tiki mugs and glasses for sale. These are relatively inexpensive (the glassware, especially) and could be great if you are planning a big party. Thanks to Kate — yes, Katiedoodle — who spotted these and sent me the tip! NOTE: All the links in this story are affiliate links. 

tiki-barwareThere are 16 oz. glasses

tall-tiki-glasses-libbeyThere are 20 oz. tall guys

libbey-pineapple-mugsThe pineapple glasses are a nice change…

libbey-bamboo-coolersSo are bamboo coolers

tiki-coffee-cup-libbeyThere are coffee mugs in brown

green-tiki-coffee-cupAnd in green

tiki-mug-libbey20 oz. tiki tumblers in brown

libbey-tiki-mugand in green

I’m not saying that these compare with many of the truly amazing designs being created by talented tiki artisans today. But, there is mass production … and then, there is art.

Where to buy Libbey tiki mugs and glasses:

  • See all the designs available on Amazon here.
  • Looking quickly on google, I also see you may be able to get them at other retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Walmart, etc.
  • And, don’t forget to check CB2’s stock of tiki glassware — they have some terrific designs, as well. My sense is that the glasses come in and out of stock.

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  1. Neil says:

    Funny how the 16 oz. glasses have a quite Grrrrr-ish expression, while the 20 oz. glasses, with the same features but longer faces appear more….dismayed.

  2. Trudi says:

    I think the pineapple and bamboo glassware would be a great touch if your decorating has a classic Palm Beach style flair!

      1. Mr Kim says:

        Chinoiserie kitchen? :O Wow… Or I would rather say, 哎喲~ Is there any link where we could see where you got your inspiration? Or what you are aiming to? That would be much appreciated. 謝謝啦,thank you.

        1. Heidi E. says:

          Unfortunately, it IS pretty much all in my mind. It started with seeing some architectural salvage bits from an old Chinese restaurant where I used to go on dates with my boyfriend at the time appearing in local antique stores. A set of double happiness switch plate covers similar to the image below is the only item I was able to afford, but I also happened upon some images of red lacquer with black trim kitchen cabinets, and some brass bamboo motif cabinet pulls—would love to be able to pull that all together for an awesome kitchen to sip tea in.


          1. Mr Kim says:

            嘔~ Very nice plates. They are a good starting point as inspiration. I recall seeing in this very site catalogues from the 50s with a Chinese/Oriental inspiration. Do not forget that a part from red and black, which is indeed very appropriate, you have t’ang red and ming green you could use. Jade green which is very Mid Century would work too. Victorians were very keen on Chinoiserie so you can also find lots of textiles ans papers which could bring you some inspiration.
            I bet you will eventually manage to pull it together. Good luck with the project! 拜拜~ 😉

  3. Carolyn says:

    Well, of course, Kate was cruising the sites. Probably looking for Christmas presents when she stumbled upon these. With a high in the low 70’s today in our area, her little punkin could have been trying on her teeny bikini too!

  4. linda h says:

    The pineapple and bamboo glasses might be fun for days when we are cooking pineapple rings on the grill. Sorry, not so much into Tiki, but I do like the tropical look.

    1. Carolyn says:

      I was thinking the bamboo ones give a nod to tiki but can travel incognito at other times.
      Please bear with me and don’t be offended – the tiki glasses are kinda scary. But I suppose that after you imbibe one or two of the tropical drinks with umbrellas, all that texture comes in handy when your hands go numb. (I’m at an age where that sip of communion wine gets me wobbly.)

  5. Geronimom says:

    Absolutely perfect! I’ve been kicking myself ever since this summer when I spotted a set of similarly looking tiki glasses hidden high on a shelf at Marshall’s – put off getting them that day tho as the check out line was long and I was in a rush to pick my daughter up from school. Went back the next day and of course they were gone…I think a set of these Libby glasses in your story just may help salve the wound! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some nice looking acrylic ones as well, since our tiki porch floor is painted concrete – and some of our home tiki concoctions can be pretty strong! ????

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