Retro range hood exhaust fan complete with retro logo from 1933: Vent-a-Hood® Classic Series

vent-a-hood-retro-range-hoodventahoodIf you want a retro style exhaust fan in your retro or vintage style kitchen, check out the VentAHood® Classic Series that Laureen used in her fabulous Wren & Willow kitchen. VentAHood® has been making exhaust fans since 1933. And true to their history, this Classic Series under-counter exhaust fan has satin trim with that circa-1933 VentAHood® polished logo right in the center — perfect!

ventahood-retroThere’s also a second, sharper-edged style.


retro-range-hood-vent-a-hoodAbove: And just because I know everyone’s going to be gaga about the whole look with the vintage Chambers stoves, too….

Officially known as: VentAHood® CLH9 – Premier Magic Lung® Under Cabinet

ventahood-colorsThe official name for this range hood exhaust fan is VentAHood® CLH9 – Premier Magic Lung® Under Cabinet. The range hood comes in four widths and a variety of CFMs that can be specified based on your needs / range specifications / building codes, etc. And, it looks like it may be available in up to 19 standard finishes or be custom painted to RAL colors (additional charges may apply.)

As seen in Laureen’s kitchen

Note, Laureen set hers up sans wall cabinet. I am not sure how she did that, and I’m feeling like I’ve pummeled her with too many questions given the three stories that I did on her remodeling project; I am sure your contractor or salesperson could help figure this out this old-skool approach.

VentAHood® — in business since 1933!

It’s always fabulous to write about companies that have been in business for so long. A snippet from VentAHood’s history page:

The History of Vent-A-Hood®

ventahood-vintageFounded in 1933, Vent-A-Hood® Company, Limited is a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit. In 1937, Carr P. Collins, Sr., a Dallas financier and founder of Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company, financed this family-owned company. Miles Woodall, Jr., nephew of Collins, was recruited in 1938 to manage the company. Today, his son, Miles Woodall III, is CEO of the company. The company moved to Richardson in 1961.

Vent-A-Hood® was the first manufacturer of home cooking ventilation and range hoods. The first range hoods were manufactured in a house with a dirt floor in Dallas, and then sold door-to-door. The owners would literally go out and make a sale, then return to the shop to make the hood for the customer…. read more

More info about the Classic Series:

Head over to VentAHood®’s website for all the details (note, I am not an expert on how to specify one of these for your home — on this, consult with properly licensed professionals):

Thanks, Laureen, for this awesome tip!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Christine, the link to the Ventahood page for this model is in the first paragraph. Look for blue (hotlink) text.

  1. Jill Sexton says:

    We recently purchased a home that was built in 1925. In the kitchen there is a silver toned vent a hood with a scalloped front in perfect condition– except that it doesn’t work. I believe it needs to have the fan and possibly electrical supply replaced. Any advice on how we can find the necessary supplies?

  2. Phil Mol says:

    I may be very interested in your ‘53 range hood. But it needs to be a 42”. Not sure how to descretely get you my contact information without it being out there for all time!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Phil, I don’t sell anything. Contact the company profiled. Brite bold blue text = a hotlink.

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