I went late-ish: I arrived at 8:30. The doors opened at 9 a.m. I was #34. I still was able to get all the vintage Christmas ornaments. And then some. It was quite the time. I saw all the regulars. My peeps.

I came home and organized, intent on getting the goods packed away before DH got home. I was successful. Sally came over. We began organizing some stuff kinda coming together in my Mahalo Lounge. (Big DIY idea comin’ yer way.) Then, I needed a seriously serious cocktail. So now… it’s lucky fer you that I got these photos processed. In any case, the pictures are worth a couple of thousand words, right?

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Update, since questions are coming in: These are the “ends” of the enamel top of a vintage kitchen cabinet table. Someone removed them, added some wood structure underneath, and I think, used them as shelves. I am going to use them as shelves. $1 each.
Questions came in on this one too: It’s a small table for children. It has fold-down legs underneath the top. and it has a GLITTER LAMINATE top! Now… I just need the grandchildren to go with. I’m not rushing weebit, though – she’s only 22!
Velvet to use as backing for a broken jewelry Christmas trees. There were a TON of frames at the sale. I need to go back and pick up a few for the trees. I am going for the very ornate classic style tree.
These clear plastic thingies are for standing up photos in frames.
Broken rhinestone jewelry and such for my broken jewelry Christmas tree project.

  1. pam kueber says:

    It’s a necklace, oriental-marine in nature, with fish and ships and huts and temples and the like. I paid some real money for it, it was so wonderful.

  2. Jocelan K. Tracey says:

    OMG, I don’t even know what to say, you are SO lucky. Congrats. On the leopard rug front, go traditional. Best to you.

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