Where to buy authentic disco balls — in 7 sizes — 12″ to 48″ — still made in the U.S. today!

One of my brothers in Louisville recently sent me this Courier-Journal story (fun video too) about the last place in America, Omega National Products — the last person in America, Yolanda Baker — who has been making disco balls — meticulously, one sharp edge at a time, for 47 years. At one point in the 1970s, she led a team of more than 25 employees who cranked out 25 disco balls a day! Want to buy a disco ball? You can still >> order one here << — in seven sizes — from 12″ to 48″ in diameter — in full-spheres — or half-spheres — and Baker will make one just for you. 

  1. Deb says:

    So funny. My husband DJed during that time period and he still has soooo many records (vinyl, of course), that we had to put them in storage when we downsized. A lot of good memories!

  2. Joe Felice says:

    I turned my enclosed porch into a ’70’s room, and already have a disco ball. My inspiration came from the 1970 AMC Javelin, which I have always dreamt of having. Three of the colors for the car were Big Bad Blue, Big Bad Green and Big Bad Orange. I painted the doors Big Bad Blue, and the walls Big Bad Green. There is a poster of a Big Bad Orange Javelin on the wall. Of course, there is a tie-dyed bean-bag chair, lime throw rug, lava lamp, and a Peaches Records and Tapes album crate (though I have long since disposed of my albums).

  3. KStacey says:

    Funny to see this article, I just found an 18″ disco ball at a thrift store for $3 a couple weeks ago! Hung it up on my (covered) patio, since obviously nothing goes better with a tiki/pink flamingo theme! Seriously though, I hung it there as kind of a joke when I came home with it, the hook was already there after all. But I think it will stay. The way it catches the late afternoon/setting sun and sends little dancing droplets of light around is surprisingly peaceful and calming, while being happy at the same time!

  4. Barbara says:

    I am certainly a disco ball lover!!
    I bought my in the 80’s and I’ve used it for multiple purposes. Yes, dancing is one of them.
    So, blow out the candles little ladies, and grab one of those magical moments before they stop making them.
    p.s. try adding some creative dancing ideas into the mix. It’s worth every penny!
    And them some!


  5. Dan says:

    Karma in action! Just yesterday I cranked up the disco CDs while finishing painting my dining room. Is there any other music that is just so much fun?

    Many years ago we went to a Donna Summer concert at Wolf Trap, a large outdoor venue in Virginia. About 45 seconds into her show she had the entire audience on their feet dancing. Biggest conga line I ‘ve ever seen.

    Thank you,.Yolanda, for keeping the magic alive!

    1. Joe Felice says:

      There is not more fanciful, happy music in the world! And, OH!, the memories of dancing my life away! I just wish the world could be that happy place again. I have the world’s largest collection of disco songs on Google Music (over-500 songs), and it’s pretty much all I listen to. Especially at the gym, where it gets me moving.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Certainly electronics has come a long way (just look at Christmas lights options) but there is still something to be said when you step into a ballroom when the disco ball is turning. Young or old, it’s just magical and dreamy. As much fun as fireworks on the 4th of July but at sedate pace where you can really immerse yourself, more so when you have a dance partner.
    Watch anyone’s face when the ball starts up – wonder full.

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