Congratulations to reader Mandrake, who guessed 1,408 dentils inserted within the ceiling molding and beams topping my living room and dining room. Mandrake guessed amazingly close — 1,408 — to the number of dentils I counted, 1406.

Above: Genius decorative painter Denise [yesterday was her ninth day on the job; we have taken to calling her Eldin] experiments to find the best technique to paint the little demons — be sure to notice her laft hand, where there are three more brushes. Yes, to faux bois glaze and striae them, she determined that she and I will need to use four different brushes. This, on top of the two coats of base paint and the final clear coat at the end. Denise has painted four so far; only 1,402 to go! Wish us luck — and thanks to everyone who played. Mandrake will be getting his Paul MacAlister Plan-a-Room shortly!

  1. Joe Felice says:

    I would have to say that you have a LOT more patience than I. Once I start a project, I want it done. Of course, I select and acquire all materials before I start, and youhjave been doing so as you go along.

  2. Diane in CO says:

    Only 146 off (guessed 1260) and disappointed but Congratulations Mandrake!!
    I looked back at Pam’s scaled floor plans, subtracted for intersection of beams and perimeter molding, added best guess for fireplace and figured 6 dentilia/foot. Gave it my best shot LOL! Now, Pam and Denise, it’s all in your hands and so far it looks FABULOUS! Thanks for making fun for us…. 🙂

    1. Kathy says:

      I was going to guess 8 dentils (dentilia?) a foot, but didn’t get around to calculating it out. Wonder if I would have been close. So how many linear feet was it Pam–was it close to Diane’s calculation of 110?

      Looks great and I admire both of your perseverance!

  3. Suzie C says:

    Oooo my guess was 182 off…not bad! ???? I was really hoping to get lucky and win! I will forever be on the lookout…

    It’s really looking wonderful! Bet you’ll never desire to ever paint over it again knowing all the hard work it took to get this far.
    Can’t wait until the big reveal when it’s complete!

  4. Mandrake says:

    Quite Happy but why couldn’t I have won one of those Sputnik ceiling lights from a couple of years ago darnit? Oh well, gotta play to win, so I’ll just have to keep playing!

  5. Jay says:

    Drat! Only off by 106. The fireplace is looking fantastic! Appears as if you have a nice cherry finish going on there, sure looks like stained wood. Hard to believe it’s paint. Keep the coffee pot going, you’ll need lots of caffeine.

  6. Landon says:

    Nooooooooo. Pam! Your killing me. I was 72 off. Do I get anything for being the first person to put in a guess? Still a little mad you discoverd Plan A Rooms when you did. Before you posted your story I was going to buy the used plan a room on eBay. Then everyone learned how cool that are and I got out bid. Oh well. I am glad you had 72 less to paint. XOXO

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