I sold my sofa on craigslist — my first time ever craigslist sale!

I’m getting a new sectional for my Mahalo Lounge, so I had to get rid of the sofa we’ve had in the living room for the past 15 years. Boo hoo. We loved this sofa. And when the furniture maker came to talk to me about my new sectional, he said this sofa was a really good one — with eight-way hand-tied springs, a super solid frame, all that. I decided to put it on craigslist and that, if it didn’t sell there relatively promptly, I would donate it to a local charity. But howdy hudee: Within 10 days had a bite on my craigslist ad. Hey: This is the first time I’ve ever sold something on craigslist!

A very nice young man who knew mid mod bought it from me for his apartment. I like knowing it went to an appreciative house. He sent me this photo of the sofa in its new home sitting happily under a Charley Harper travel poster. Remember that story from a while back? I checked a few links — and you can still >> buy some of these posters direct from the U.S. Government — free shipping even! A great deal!

Bye bye, sofa, we loved you. 

P.S. I have not restarted painting yet. But I’m going to start today. That’s because: I also have to get my taxes done. Yikes, I’d rather paint than work on my taxes! So now, painting now goes to the top of the list — and procrastination: to tax prep.

  1. Jenni says:

    just learned today of radio show “Retro Cocktail Hour” should fit in well with the new lounge

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Pam, it was so great you sold your sofa to an appreciative buyer. Also, it’s great your dog doesn’t chew on your furniture. By the way, do you have two now, or does the other dog that sometimes appears on the blog belong to your friend?

  3. Pencils says:

    Craigslist can be great–or not. I have my daughter’s bike up now, she barely rode it before she outgrew it so I’m using what we get for that bike to bring down the price of a new bike. It’s like an investment, I’ve sold a couple of her previous bikes to appreciative parents–people like getting a good deal on an otherwise pricey bike. I also belong to a couple of local Facebook “yard sale” closed groups. One is a Hamptons group that has some amazing stuff–right now, someone has an entire kitchen’s worth of Big Chill appliances, nearly new, for $2500. Having Big Chill in my kitchen is my dream,but…they’re red. I’m not really a fan of red in my house, I can admire it in other people’s houses, but not in mine. Someone else is selling a blue Northstar electric range for a couple of hundred bucks, but it’s electric and I’m a gas person. (Which sounds odd when you put it that way…) Also, I think the Northstar ranges are more cartoonish than retro. My day will come for Big Chill, whether I buy it new or not.

  4. linoleummy says:

    Sigh of relief when it’s out the door. With no real bites on a sofa bed I was selling I kept dropping the price. When a young woman asked if I would hold it for her until she got off work I said no problem. Unfortunately I’m the meantime another couple came to see it knowing that it was only available if the first woman refused it. They offered me the price I’d originally asked but I had to put them off. When the woman showed up she was so grateful that she offered to pay the original asking price but I took what it was listed for.
    When I’ve listed free stuff it’s gone within an hour, like all my old neutral paint.

  5. Sandra says:

    My earliest memory I can date is of sitting on a sofa in 1957. I was two-and-a-half and my toddler legs were straight out in front of me. The fabric was a rough corderoyish texture, and the sofa was armless.

    They handed “my” new baby sister to me on a bed pillow to hold. I can only imagine my eyes must have been like saucers.

  6. Jonny says:

    I’ve had a tough time with Craigslist lately, something unknown to me got my account “put on hold” and have had no reply from the company, and just like the others have said, I get a lot of no-shows or half-price offers and such.

    When the right buyer comes though, you can usually tell, and then it’s great. Have found and sold a lot of cool stuff on there. I just don’t know where all the trolls come from. It’s great that the buyer even sent you a picture. It’s almost like putting a cat up for adoption, nice to know it’s in a good home now.

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