Nevada Home and History Weekend — April 28-30

Is midcentury modern Las Vegas “the next Palm Springs”? I think it may be! I had a fantastic time last year speaking at, then completely touring, the Nevada Preservation Foundation’s weekend event spotlighting the wonderful midcentury architecture of Las Vegas. I won’t be there this year, alas, I have too many balls in the air. But I am sad — because preservation genius Heidi Swank has really dialed up the event this year — it looks fantastic! If you’re near Las Vegas — or can zip in to make a weekend of it — this a hot ticket. For more information, see their website >> Las Vegas Home and History Weekend 2017.

Disclosure: Nevada Preservation is advertising this event on RetroRenovation.com. BUT, this story was not promised as part of the deal or anything. I just love vintage Las Vegas. If you’re curious, you can read how I make my living on the blog — including my policies on aiming for maximum transparency — here.

  1. Melissa P says:

    For those going do not miss the Golden Steer event. I had my wedding dinner there and it was fabulous! Made for a perfect end to my midcentury style Vegas wedding wedding 🙂

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Uh-oh! Just realized that there is a new HGTV show “Flipping Las Vegas.” I haven’t seen it yet, but please tell me they aren’t smashing up pink bathrooms.

    Hi to Heidi, an ingenious and generous retro-renovator! Good luck with your Nevada Preservation Foundation event.

    1. celebutante says:

      They take blah beige 90s Tuscan specials in hokey neighborhoods and install tacky Home Depot “upgrades.” The vast majority of 60s Vegas houses remain untouched; by and large, they’re not considered classic, vintage, or awesome, most people here just think they’re old, crummy houses. (qualifier – I’m a Vegas local with 1963 mid-century)

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        Well, here’s hoping events like the Home and History Weekend are going to change folks’ minds about the 1960 homes.

  3. Robin, WA says:

    Looks very cool! Makes me wish I still lived in Nevada. Vegas (and Nevada in general) needs to wake up and realize the gold mine they have in mid century architecture.

    On a related note, I will be going on a tour of Richland, Washington’s “alphabet houses” in a couple of weeks. They are part of the housing built for the people who worked at the Hanford site during WWII. The government built the workers an entire neighborhood with a multitude of house plans – each named for a letter of the alphabet. The tour should be cool. We get to ride on a 1940s-era city bus too!

  4. linda h says:

    Wish I could get to Vegas ,though. Last year’s Home and History Weekend there sounded great and this one does look even better. But first I want to go to Palm Springs.

  5. linda h says:

    Time also for the White Rock Home Tour here in the Dallas area with about six homes on the tour this weekend, the 22nd and 23rd.

    1. linda h says:

      A couple of the homes in Dallas are new, but modern, but most are 1961 or earlier, with one of them as old as 1937.

  6. Debbie in Portland says:

    Everything about this sounds amazing! Too late to make plans for this year, but you’ve got me thinking about NEXT year.

    Maybe this could be a Retro Renovators Field Trip? Vegas in 2018, anyone? 😉

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