Talking time capsule houses with the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal contacted me a few weeks ago for a big story about time capsule houses and the people who look for them and love them. I also pointed reporter Leigh Kamping-Carder — who did a great job! — to some of our favorite retro-realtors including Alyssa Starelli and Ed Murchison, who both also were interviewed and quoted. And check out the spectacular basement in the house that Alyssa sold — that carpet!! Folks without a subscription so far have been able to read the story via the link on our Facebook page — or click here if you have an online subscription. There’s a fun video, too. Hooray for the Retro!

What’s your favorite quote from the story?

Oh, and want to look at more time capsule houses? See our 100+ time capsule house archive here.

  1. Pam Kueber says:

    Ginormous stainless — aka mammoth refrigerators — are not midcentury though. Keep the new stainless relatively small [if you can, good luck!] and you’re good in terms of channeling authenticity

  2. Sheila says:

    Great article! I know I’m late to the party but I have to say that Robin Miller’s comment, “As soon as I walked in the door, it was pretty amazing,” describes exactly how I felt when I walked into my 1966 ranch – it just sucked me right in!

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