Jeff makes two more midcentury modern style TV cabinets

Our story earlier this year about the midcentury modern-style TV cabinet that Jeff built for his modern flat-screen led to two more commissions for this handy woodworker. Jeff wrote:


I thought I’d send you an update about some the cabinets I built (thanks to your post). I just finished one for Seattle and another for Napa, California. The larger one was custom built for an existing TV (required some design changes) and the smaller one was the same as the one I build for my wife (though I think it turned out better than hers!).

You asked earlier if I had a picture of my wife and me.  I don’t have that, but my wife did get one shot of me with the new cabinets.  I’ve attached it.

Thanks for your post, and I love your site.

More photos of Jeff’s latest cabinets:


Thanks for the update, Jeff, you are rockin’ my mid mod mad world!

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  1. I really appreciate all the encouraging comments! Thanks to this post, I’ve created a business to build and sell these cabinets (and others similar). You can now check out my work at deluxefurnitureco.com. Follow me on Instragram for updates and the building process!

  2. Jodi P says:

    Here’s a thought………those big old stereo consoles might also be modified to hold a modern flat panel television. They’re nice and wide for today’s rectangular screens..You could even install a sound bar behind the speaker area.

  3. Siobhan Greene says:

    I am happy to see this new old trend! I am almost 54 and I grew up with big tv consoles….that is until small portable tvs came into play. Love your woodworking skills!

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