76 years of Kohler Triton bathroom faucets — introduced in 1941 and still going strong

Kohler Triton bathroom sink faucets have been around a long time. How long? I asked Kohler. They researched the topic and replied: Since 1941 — an amazing 76 years! And yes, Kohler Triton faucets are still around, for both four-inch- and eight-inch spreads and with a variety of handles to choose from. The thing is: You don’t see all of the Triton options on Kohler’s regular website — as is often the case for we Retro Renovators, you need to head to the commercial site.

Kohler also sent me some glamour shots of the Triton. The first photo — the black-and-white — is straight from a 1941 Kohler catalog, when the new line was introduced. The two pastel bathrooms above, including Triton fixtures, are from 1956. Yummy 1950s pastel bathrooms!

The Triton designs today don’t seem to be identical to the original Tritons — but I say: Close enough. See the original above: See how the base of the faucet looks like it has curves to it — the shapes of the current models appear to have changed over time.

Current Kohler Triton

Right now, there seem to be two Triton designs available for four-inch centersets — which is often we see on original wall-hung china sinks and drop-in cast iron sinks.

Triton #1  — Above: The “current” Kohler Triton base — and the lever handles to go with. I am spotlighting the lever handles because that’s what we see in the 1941 and 1956 catalogs. This is not to say there were not other handles available at the time. 

Today, there seem to be at least four handles to choose from: Lever, cross, knob, and ADA-compliant.


New Kohler Triton Bowe

Triton #2 — Above: The new Triton “Bowe” faucet. Ooooh, lookie those hex-curves on the faucet base and the escutcheons. I might like this one even better than today’s regular Triton, although I would prefer the straight lever handles if they could be switched to go onto the hex escutcheons.

Where to buy Kohler Triton faucets:

The new Kohler Triton Bowe: I can’t easily find it online, but I see that Kohler has a store locator on the product page. (Links below).

Amazon has the current basic Tritons in 4″ (I’m checking on difference between K-7401 and K-7404 and will add that info), 8″, and even shelf-back — (there are also matching tub and shower fixtures); of course, these are also widely available on other online sites and surely your local plumbing retailer:

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  1. Kathy says:

    I looked at the Trident for my bath update and the style is great, but it gets pricey, and you have to be really careful to order all the pieces, especially if you are doing a sink and a shower. As mentioned above, don’t forget the pop-up drain assembly, and get the right sort of shower drain as well.

    One thing to note, if you want to protect the user from scalding in a two or three handle shower, you have to add a pressure-balance valve between the controls and the shower head. Like a lot of plumbing fixtures I looked at, such controls are not built in most replacement fixtures. Such a valve runs about $100. Check with your plumber to make sure you get function and style.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Wish I had studied the old Kohler catalogs more carefully before choosing my bathroom faucet.

  3. Jeanie says:

    Oh WOW! This couldn’t have come at a better time! I am restoring the ranch house that my Father built in 1964. I was having a hard time locating a sink that would fit in the space. At least two of the Cheviot’s will work! There is a show room not far from me where I can order them too. Totally made my day.

  4. Demian Martin says:

    It was quite an eyeopener to open the morning e-mail and see both the modern Triton faucet and the catalog images of the pink and light green Kohler fixtures in our house. We also have a yellow set. The fixtures are original (and look new thanks to fastidious care for the last 60 years by the previous owner) but were originally equipped with single handle Moen faucets which were the latest thing in 1955 when the house was built.

    The new Triton faucet actually looks a little small in the sink which is quite large. (I can provide photos.) They are also expensive, being commercial grade (as in indestructible) so be prepared for sticker shock. The originals would have had rubber washers. The current ones have ceramic valves, which did not exist in 1955.

  5. Toni says:

    I have a vintage Kohler sink with chrome legs and a Triton shelf-back faucet. It is still original and I love it. What I also REALLY love is the original sink drain trap design! In order to clean the trap, all you have to so is twist and pull up and out. Then you clean it out then drop it back in and twist into place. I love the ease of use and I never get a clogged sink.

    In my down stairs bathroom where I have a sink with hudee ring set into a vanity I replaced with a newer (vintage look) American Standard faucet/drain combo and the drain is terrible! In order to clean it out you have to clear out the vanity cabinet, place a bucket under the plumbing and loosen the cable assembly in order to get the drain trap out. Such a messy process and time consuming.

    Do you know where one can find the much simpler vintage style drain traps other than buying another vintage sink?

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