A glamorous 1948 bathroom fit for a movie star — a time capsule just down the street!

So proud: I helped the time capsule house two doors away find owners who LOVE it and don’t want to change a thing. Can you believe: This house sat on the market for at least six months, because, word is, all the buyers who made their way through were put off because it would take too much remodeling.

The house had been on the market all this time when finally, I was talking to my friend Molly, whose parents were looking to move to town. I mentioned the house, which was For Sale By Owner, not on the MLS. Molly arranged a showing for the very next weekend and ka-boom, her parents — Duane and Mary — jumped on it. They were thrilled by the house. They are “old house people,” like their daughter. Like me. Like us! Welcome to the neighborhood, Duane and Mary!

Since they confirmed the deal — and then, after they closed — I’ve walked through this lovely mid-century modest house at least four times and must say: All the folks who passed on this house missed a great thing. This house is amazingly well built, full of time capsule features that are going to make you drool, and after Mary and Duane make just a few housekeeping updates, move-in ready. Updates that I am aware they are making: Refinish wood floors, repaint a few walls to colors they prefer, add a rain gutter to the back, and update the electric to handle modern electronics. Otherwise, this house is good to go!

The house was with the same family since 1948. The dad was a plumbing contractor. This explains a lot, because the bathrooms are all fantastic.

But most fantastic of all: This en-suite master bathroom. I am telling you: The black wall tiles, liner tiles, and porcelain mosaic floor tiles — are pristine! I’ll show more of the house over the next few days, but let’s start with this glamorous, romantic, 1948 bathroom.

All the fixtures and hardware are original, high-end Crane that look like they were installed yesterday. Original, every bit, down to the shower head (note the “Crane” detailing on the escutcheon/base), the shower curtain bar (okay, not the shower curtain!), the towel bars, the recessed cosmetic box, the faucets, the light switch cover (okay, I spot one GFI-conversion on the electric outlet), even the trash can!

Even the Venetian blind and the radiator cover.

The mirrored medicine cabinet is a treasure to behold. It has three sections — each section opens — and the two tube lights still work.

I am even in love with the hot- and cold-water shutoff switches. Oh, and the nickel-plated legs and integral towel bars on the sink.

Peoples, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mary and Duane! There are welcome cocktails in the Mahalo Lounge your future! 

  1. Patricia Cooper says:

    So happy to see this black bathroom. I have a 1942 house with original black bathroom walls, sink, and tub. Mine, however, is black Carrara glass or Vitrolite glass tile. Glad to see others appreciate keeping quality bathrooms original to the house.

  2. Michele says:

    I have a 1962 high end home with the SAME medicine cabinets (Hallmack) and sink legs. The floor tile in this picture is TO DIE FOR. We are only the second owners of our custom home which has five bathrooms preserved from the period. Previous owner had no children, nor do we so the bathrooms have very limited use and were in tact with very little traffic. Because of economics we will need to sell soon and I am afraid that these bathrooms will be seen as a negative here on Long Island as the general public in this area just does not seem to “get it” regarding MCM style. I hope there are others who think MCM is fabulous.

  3. Jane says:

    Great bathroom…Crane stuff is some of the best around. Kudos for not changing it. We’re going Standard next year: Ming Green fixtures, Black, Ming & Lavender tile…can’t wait. So glad they love their coolest of cool bathrooms!

  4. Sandi says:

    All that beautiful chrome! And the sheen of that black tile with the desert green accent trim!
    If this doesn’t cure me of Italianate porcelain bathroom renos ad nauseum, nothing will!
    This bathroom is shockingly beautiful.
    De luxe and luscious!

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