10 styles of slate flooring — from a company in business since 1917

Thanks to reader Andrea for sharing this awesome source for retro-style mosaic slate flooring — 10 designs in all from Sheldon Slate Products of Monson, Maine — in business for 100 years — yes, since 1917 — owned and operated by the same family. What a wonderful resource!

Random slate flooring like this seems to have been super popular used in entryways of homes, and I recall seeing it used in three-season rooms. I love the random colored varieties in particular. So far, I’d only found one other source. Gorgeous stuff that will last forever!

There are several more mosaic patterns shown on the company website:


  1. Cheryl says:

    Does anyone know where to find slate I. This color in a taural flagstone shape? Trying to match my original floors in an addition

    1. Doug says:

      Call Vermont Slate Depot. I purchased my natural flagstone slate from them. They’re a great place to work with.

  2. Susan says:

    First: I love this blog! I’m learning so much about styles and materials to use in my 1957 split ranch as the budget becomes available to renovate/restore. 🙂

    Second: We have a slate entryway, whoo hoo! I’ve always loved it, but it was in such amazing shape, I thought it might not be original. I’m now sure it is, as it looks just like the “Monson” pattern. The original front door (three staggered diagonal panes in upper third) is still going strong. So there’s at least one area (plus the original hardwood floors) that doesn’t need any work done–yay!

    Thanks for all the great info here. 🙂

  3. nina462 says:

    I have a slate entry as well in my 65 ranch. I’ll have to look at the ‘pattern’ when I get home. I have found extra slate pieces in my garden…they come up from the ground every now and then. Leftover from the builders in the 60’s. I have the corner lot…and have found lots of debris …bricks, slate, broker pots. Every spring it’s something new 🙂

  4. RAnderson says:

    My parents had this in their ’50s cape cod entryway, and we liked it so much we had it put in the entry of the 2 mid-sized ranchers that we built in the ’90s. Both were in the Ashlar pattern shown, as we liked the red contrasting with the grays and greens. It’s super durable and resistant; we did opt to put a coat of clear liquid floor wax on it when new, we only did it once, and it held up very well, sealing the grouting and allowing water to bead up making for very easy cleanup.

  5. Laurie says:

    Our house originally had a small slate area in the entry way right in front of the front door. Carpet in the rest of the entry…yucky. So, we went to a LOCAL tile company that has been in the area forever! They had exactly the slate and pattern we needed. It was pretty inexpensive. They were selling it about 50% off because they were moving.
    Hubby did the work, and everything looks original.
    LOVE, LOVE the slate!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I have a slate floor in my entry that is original to my 1963 split-level. It’s very close to the Monson pattern, with dark red and light plus medium green. I will never take that out. It needs no maintenance. When we moved in I had to use a gentle paint stripper to remove blackened varnish of some sort. Under it, the floor was perfect. I do use a coat of Pledge Finish, just because we have salty snowy boots in the winter. It makes it quicker to mop and does no harm to the stone.

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