Starburst wall clocks — from Cracker Barrel — 25″ wide. Who’da thunk it? Who’da even thunk you could buy clocks from Cracker Barrel?

The Cracker Barrel-sold import seems to be knocked off from this design, roughly. Note: Links to ebay and amazon are affiliate links, I earn a wee commission if you click and buy anything.

I don’t know re: the quality. And, these are not true works of art like the Nelson clocks at Design Within Reach. But at $29.99… no muss no fuss, you got a fun clock.

You can also check Amazon for relatively inexpensive starburst clocks made today. I kinda like the look of the Umbra ribbon clock, shown right.

Alternatively: Stalk vintage Starburst clocks on ebay or locally. 

  1. Stephanie says:

    Check your local library to see if they happen to have a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo you can borrow. Many libraries now have Maker Lab spaces or equipment and offer open lab hours to use their equipment.

  2. Wendellyn says:

    Oh, thank you so much! I did not see that. I was told yesterday that it may be a month before they get any in their store. I will have one of these!!

  3. Connie says:

    Thanks for heads up! One Cracker Barrel sold out, found mine at another location. Big 25” size-nice! The spokes are metal, not wood, gold balls front facade only. Replica not reproduction. But overall for the price it’s a nice MCM look for the wall.

  4. Leslie says:

    Got mine this past weekend. Made pretty sturdy, numbers/face is a sticker but still looks pretty good for the price. My only annoyance is that the hands are gold so they blend in to the face background. I can never tell what time it is. I think if I simply paint them black it will give it the contrast it needs. I am happy with the purchase for the price point.

  5. Susan Halla says:

    What I have done for my clocks is used a little hobby sheet of aluminum from Home Depot. Using some aluminum shears, I cut the right shape for my mid-century clock, painted them, then glued them directly to the cheap-o clock hands that came with the battery operating mechanism. Blamm-o! Awesome, realistic, mid-century-looking clock hands! (And I do have a Cricut – albeit an old one – and I don’t think it would cut material that thick.)

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