Retro Las Vegas, here I come: A Celebration of Vegas Cool, April 27-29

Pam Kueber Las VegasLas Vegas is the new Palm Springs. I’m declaring it. I’m gonna buy me a leetle place. I’m heading back to Las Vegas. I bought my airline tickets last night. I’m going to go to all the activities lined up for Nevada Preservation Foundation’s “A Celebration of Vegas Cool” — Home + History 2018, April 27-29.

Disclosure: I am / RetroRenovation.com is a Silver Sponsor of the Event — see the ads in the right-hand sidebar of the blog?

Oh, and the photo above: I flew, I keynoted, I house-toured — and then I shopped.

The “Desert Modern” house I visited on the tour two years ago had a spectacular blue bathroom.

I wasn’t sure I’d actually go, though. But long winter.

Inside The Rexford, my dream complex.

I need to get out in the world. So I asked Heidi  if I could still get into stuff, and she said yes, and as I am a sponsor and was the keynote speaker two years ago and wrote about everything I saw, away I fly.

And who could forget: Uncle Jack LeVine’s famous collection of breeze blocks. There will be a lecture and book launch of a book about breeze blocks! Some days. I just love my job.

The lineup of events is pretty darned awesome. I get to go to the Bomb Shelter House Martini Tour. Woooooooot!

Perhaps I’ll see YOU there? 

  1. Bruno says:

    I agree I just came from Clark County Museum & it was awesome!, What an unexpected amazing museum , Pam you must go!, We stayed downtown at El Cortez which has vintage 1940s rooms once owned by Bugsy Siegel & toured Mob Museum & Neon vintage sign museum

  2. Mitchell says:

    Wow, I’m just finding out about this here, and I actually live in Vegas. In a vintage house, in a vintage neighborhood (around the corner from the gentlemen who own the Retro Vegas shop).

  3. Anne Christiansen says:

    I will be there!!! Saw a blurb about it on the Atomic Ranch email newsletter and booked my ticket. I have been dying to see the Underground House for about 20 years. So excited to see it in person! And I’m even doing the VIP package…swimming in the pool too! Hope to meet you in person there.

  4. Jeff H says:

    My wife, Jutta, and I will probably be there. We live only about five hours away from Las Vegas in east-central California, i.e., close to nothing (except spectacular mountains).

  5. Demian Martin says:

    Peggy and I will be there. Its a pretty intense schedule for two days but we hope to get to most of the events.
    Vegas is an amazing place that almost literally reinvents itself every few years. The Vegas of the 1970’s has morphed into something really different today but we are looking forward to seeing what has survived from the “Rat Pack” era.

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