Shopping the fun and fabulous Retro Vegas vintage store

retro-vegas-shopI went. I spoke. I toured. And then: I shopped. On the Monday after the Nevada Preservation Foundation’s Vintage Vegas Home & History Tour, did I want to go visit the Neon Museum, Executive Director Heidi Swank asked? Well maybe next time … because I needed to hit up Retro Vegas, arguably the premier vintage shop in Las Vegas. And It Did Not Disappoint! 

The vintage pink GE steel kitchen:

retro-las-vegas-shop-1-4First off, Retro Vegas is kinda famous for their vintage pink GE kitchen assembled in the back corner of the store. It is not for sale. They rent out the space for photo shoots and the like. Nom nom. A vintage pink GE kitchen!


Vintage dinettes galore:

retro-las-vegas-shop-14-2All in the space in front of the kitchen are vintage dinettes galore.

vintage dinetteretro-las-vegas-shop-13-3retro-las-vegas-shop-12vintage dinettevintage dinetteBrutalist furniture:

retro-las-vegas-shop-16retro-las-vegas-shop-17retro-las-vegas-shop-21There were several nice examples of brutalist furniture…

retro-las-vegas-shop-4I spotted a Broyhill Brasilia bar cart complete with gorgeous tile insets.

retro-las-vegas-shop-12-2retro-las-vegas-shop-13-2And just plain gorgeous midcentury modern furniture.

And I give up on categories — here’s lots more:

retro-las-vegas-shop-24retro-las-vegas-shop-23retro-las-vegas-shop-22retro-las-vegas-shop-20retro-las-vegas-shop-19retro-las-vegas-shop-18retro-las-vegas-shop-16-2retro-las-vegas-shop-15-2retro-las-vegas-shop-14retro-las-vegas-shop-1-5retro-las-vegas-shop-13retro-las-vegas-shop-12-3retro-las-vegas-shop-12retro-las-vegas-shop-11-3retro-las-vegas-shop-11-2retro-las-vegas-shop-11retro-las-vegas-shop-10-3retro-las-vegas-shop-9retro-las-vegas-shop-9-2retro-las-vegas-shop-7retro-las-vegas-shop-10retro-las-vegas-shop-10-2retro-las-vegas-shop-6-2retro-las-vegas-shop-6retro-las-vegas-shop-3-3retro-las-vegas-shop-3-2retro-las-vegas-shop-3retro-las-vegas-shop-2-3retro-las-vegas-shop-2retro-las-vegas-shop-1-3Vintage clothing:

retro-las-vegas-shop-1Upstairs is the vintage clothing section … and this is where Heidi and I hit a Gold Mine.

retro-las-vegas-shop-8-2retro-las-vegas-shop-9-3retro-las-vegas-shop-8-3retro-las-vegas-shop-6-3The Hawaiian-style dresses — see — a whole rack — a whole rack of NEW OLD STOCK. And quite a few in OUR SIZES. We had a heyday trying on dresses. They looked great on us — and the prices were terrific!

retro-las-vegas-shop-5-3Heidi bought five.

new-old-stock-hawaiian-dressesAnd so did I! I was pretty excited. As you can tell.

retro-las-vegas-shop-8Thanks to Heidi for taking me shopping. And super thanks to Retro Vegas owners Mark (above) and Bill: In support of Nevada Preservation’s Home & History Tour, they provided the furniture for the staging of the Jackie Gaughan apartment (that story: to come!) And, they offered a 15% discount to Home & History attendees — which I certainly took advantage of!

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  1. Kim Starr says:

    Coming to Vegas in about 2 weeks. You are on the list of places to visit…..I’m bringing extra $$$ now since I came across your store.

  2. Justin Harman says:

    How were their prices as far as furnishings and accessories go? There is a photo above that had a curved kind of office desk that I absolutely adored! I’d never want to leave!

    1. pam kueber says:

      I only looked at a few prices, and the ones I saw I thought were reasonable, considering how desirable much of these stuff is.

  3. Stacey says:


    Do you still have an Ebay favorite page that we can follow? I can’t find it! Thanks

  4. Jay says:

    Whoa! My head is still spinning from trying to look at all the items in the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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