Hazel Dell Brown kitchen, 1941, with built-in space for a nap

vintage armstrong flooring

Here’s some more whimsy-doodle — and gorgeous patterned linoleum, too — from Hazel Dell Brown circa 1941. I’m not sure that painted (fun ideas with Meyercord decals, *affiliate link, anyone?) glass- paneled divider behind the stove is truly very practical, but… Hazel was sure having some fun: “… a spot for a nap while the bread bakes” — indeed! I even love how, in this one, there’s a ‘shadow’ of the bird cage apparently penciled in. Or maybe that’s penciled into my brochure only? Bizarre.

Other interesting tidbits from this one: Very controlled color palette, built round the colors in the flooring.

armstrong flooring 1941Above: The alternate mood board, including: Ceiling painted Chinese red… and fish net curtain! Nautical c. 1941 is … nice!

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  1. Evelyn Scott says:

    Thanks for the name of the decals. I never knew the brand. I had fun looking through the 10+pages of them. The trouble is, I like 90% of them. Decisions, decisions…

  2. David F says:

    Grew up in central PA. Many of my country relatives who had houses built in the 40-50s had daybeds in the kitchen. It seemed to be an expected part of the layout. I remember spending the whole day on the daybed by the stove in my aunt’s kitchen when I had an earache.

  3. ngb48 says:

    My Nana had a daybed in her kitchen….right under the shelf with the radio…..I always thought that was the coolest thing ever!!! In fact, I still do!!!

  4. Sandy McClay says:

    Love the floor, the birdcage, the glass piece and that stove! I like the red, blue, combo better though, yellow and green just do nothing for me. But I love yellow and red! Can you imagine in the summer, no AC and taking a nap behind a stove baking bread? lol

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