Yes — or no — to the wicker headboard — on the ceiling ?

“Before”: A vintage wicker headboard, spotted at the Restore. I had an idea for it, for my tiki bar…

“After”: Repainted and turned into a canopy for my three Witco ladies.

The effect is not final… there will be lots more handing down from my ceilings over time… But what do you think?

The idea was to make these lovelies more of a focal point, all the more go given they are sitting in a dead spot behind the sectional. 

retro mod decor
Photo courtesy of Everett Short Photography.

Above: My attention to wicker headboards was reignited a few years ago, when I featured this bedroom designed by Ben Sander. DREAMY!

I repainted my Restore find ($25) up with brown spray paint immediately hit with hammered copper spray paint, and once dry, then some English Chestnut stain. I wanted some color dimension up there.

To hang it, I first tried with the legs. But that looked … even more like a headboard. So I hacksawed off the legs then hit the wicker with some hot glue so it wouldn’t unravel. To hang it, I put cup holder hardware in the ceiling then wired the the thing up there with floral wire; it’s really quite lightweight. I’m thinking I also may stuff some twinkle lights up there.

I know that 1970s Victorian-revival wicker headboards are not tiki. But, I’m all about mashing it all up, especially when Restore finds present themselves.

Finishing all the details in the Mahalo Lounge is goin’ slowwwwwwww. And now it’s summer. Gulp.

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  1. Maddie says:

    No, be like CoCo Chanel , get completely dressed to the nines and then remove one piece . Too much detracts from the essence, the truly important , and the inspirated .

    1. Carol says:

      You have stayed true to the concept until now…don’t deviate from the authenticity you have worked so hard to create. This detracts from your lovely ceiling and isn’t big enough to span that whole section.

  2. Lucy Zucaro says:

    Since you asked for opinions, I would have to say I actually hate it. It just looks like a headboard on the ceiling – which reminds me of horror movies where the demons always put furniture on the ceiling. It’s creepy. Sorry….

  3. Joe Felice says:

    It’s OK, but looks lonely up there by itself. I believe if you’re going to do that, there need to be other decorations on the ceiling.

  4. I will be the voice of dissension. I like it! I’m also all about people doing what THEY like in their homes. You’re the only one who truly knows how it looks in person and what kind of feel it gives off but if you like it, keep it!

  5. Neil says:

    I think I get where you’re going with it. And I say….if you’re going to trip out into tiki-fantasy, you might as well go all the way, girl! Who’s to stop your inspired fun? Not me….

    First, it would be better to suspend the headboard from the ceiling a few inches, since it doesn’t interact artfully with the beam grid or fabulous ceiling cloth you labored so hard to perfect. Then….if you can find a pair of vintage grass skirts (as long as possible; some 8-foot long grass curtains would be really great), hang each from the two side edges of the headboard (extending out perpendicular from the wall) to make fringey grass walls to enclose your ladies in a….Tiki Niche!

    Make it a destination.
    Got a big carved polynesian deity to place on the floor, among a scatter of conch shells, under them? Now you’re cookin’ ! Maybe a tall pair of tiki faux torches to flicker on either side. Can you feel the caress of the ocean breeze yet?
    And, I can see a pair of island-tan, barefoot-maiden manequin legs, upside down with the toes waving a virgin farewell, disappearing through a melting lei into a pool of glowing-red lava right beside the grimacing, hungry deity…..a movie sacrifice to soothe the volcano gods who are apparently fueling your design esthetic…..superb!

    When it’s all in place and you have your dedicatory premiere party, gather in a circle in front of the altar (Bali Hai wafting from the stereo….your husband playing an island drum) and raise a round of cheery Mai Tai libations for me, please. Wish I could be there.

  6. Lisanne Freese says:

    I’m not a fan of the headboard on the ceiling. The green of the middle Witco is plenty to draw your eye to the ladies. I do like the paint treatment you’ve given the headboard and think it would make a fantastic backdrop on a patio or sunroom wall (not ceiling) with plants in front of it. I’m also a fan of less is more and don’t enjoy clutter hanging off-center from ceilings.
    Also, the headboard isn’t even vaguely “tiki.”

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