Yes — or no — to the wicker headboard — on the ceiling ?

“Before”: A vintage wicker headboard, spotted at the Restore. I had an idea for it, for my tiki bar…

“After”: Repainted and turned into a canopy for my three Witco ladies.

The effect is not final… there will be lots more handing down from my ceilings over time… But what do you think?

The idea was to make these lovelies more of a focal point, all the more go given they are sitting in a dead spot behind the sectional. 

retro mod decor
Photo courtesy of Everett Short Photography.

Above: My attention to wicker headboards was reignited a few years ago, when I featured this bedroom designed by Ben Sander. DREAMY!

I repainted my Restore find ($25) up with brown spray paint immediately hit with hammered copper spray paint, and once dry, then some English Chestnut stain. I wanted some color dimension up there.

To hang it, I first tried with the legs. But that looked … even more like a headboard. So I hacksawed off the legs then hit the wicker with some hot glue so it wouldn’t unravel. To hang it, I put cup holder hardware in the ceiling then wired the the thing up there with floral wire; it’s really quite lightweight. I’m thinking I also may stuff some twinkle lights up there.

I know that 1970s Victorian-revival wicker headboards are not tiki. But, I’m all about mashing it all up, especially when Restore finds present themselves.

Finishing all the details in the Mahalo Lounge is goin’ slowwwwwwww. And now it’s summer. Gulp.

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  1. Anita says:

    The three ladies are off center of the ceiling beams b/c of the long countertop to the right, so they work just fine, but when you place the wicker headboard directly above them it is very noticeable how off center the headboard is. Without the headboard their placement is fine, however the off center placement of the headboard would bug the heck out of me.

  2. Diane in CO says:

    No. Stop cluttering, LOL! Has there ever been a “big reveal” of The Mahalo Lounge and I missed it? Stop already! That ceiling is fantastic and nothing should cover it. Just my opinion……..

  3. Marta says:

    I have been following this post and I think the audience is leaning against the idea of the headboard in the ceiling, as I do. I love the headboard, the painting job makes it stand out. I looked at wicker headboards in etsy, they are in the range of $200 to 400, so you should keep it somehow. I think it could be the back of a low bench, with a lot of tropical fabric pillows in it. I think it would go it the tiki ambience. I also think it could go in a bar, like someone suggested, in front of a mirror. Just some ideas, what I would really love is to be the owner of the ladies!

  4. linoleummy says:

    Amid the whole treatment you install with it someday Mahalo Lounge guests will look up and it will catch an eye and the person will think “That looks so cool!” But the familiarity of it that can’t be placed because it’s out of it’s element would stick in one’s mind until it might occur to them later “a headboard!? What a cool thing to do with it!”

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