New Old Stock vintage toilet seats from The King of Thrones

New Old Stock Toilet Seats. You see this enormous stash of New Old Stock toilet seats, marbleized even, and your heart begins to race. It is a good day. New Old Stock Marbleized Toilet Seats. That’s almost as good as these. Disclosure: Links to ebay earn me a wee commission if ya buy.

The toilet seats come from a seller called, appropriately, The King of Thrones. THE KING OF THRONES — now that is your kind of people. I follow everything listed by King of Thrones. Because tile fixtures. But now, because toilet seats. 

These NOS toilet seats cannot be too old because there’s writing in French, because Quebec.

“Le Meillure Siege”

I like that way more than: Toilet Seat. I’m gonna start saying:

Honey, how many times do I have to tell you: Put down Le Meillure Siege!

And then, there are some le meillure sieges that are just plain… oh my. But, they are wonderful in their own, weird way. Not that I would ever. But then, never say never.

Oh my.

Mr. or Ms. The King of Thrones knows what he/she has, because these sieges are not cheap.

Olsonite of Tilbury, Ontario, this one. 

Oh for the, woe for the, day when toilet seat design was all that.

How long can I go without buying me one? 

Where to get ’em:


    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Joan, you can try the seller identified in this story (hotlinks are in blue).

      Also, deabath.com are Crane experts – they may be able to help you.

      Good luck!

  1. Christopher R. says:

    Question. I have a sea foam green toilet seat by American Standard, and underneath is says ” One piece Church” seat. What is the word “Church” referring to? Is this a company brand name, or a reference to seats in Churches?

  2. linoleummy says:

    Aw heck! I just installed the new pink Bemis one on the old Eljer and have been lamenting the fit after all the trouble getting the right color.

  3. Andrea Withrow says:

    Le Meilleur Siege, en plastique massif = the best seat, in solid plastic ( meilleur = best, siege = seat).
    Retrorenovation est le meilleur site!

  4. carolyn says:

    Besides looking too cool, the old seats that weren’t anatomically correct were just that much more comfortable.
    These beat seashells or fishes…

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