Wilsonart Daisy retro countertop laminate — in Envy and Ice colorways

Deborah loved Wilsonart’s Daisy laminate — a reissue of a 1970s pattern — so much that she used it in two bathroom — one features the  gray”Ice” colorway, the other, the green “Envy” colorway. Yes, I’m green with envy — I love this pattern! 

Deborah wrote:

Hi Pam,

I have read your blog here and there for several years. First of all, thank you! I love mid century design, and your posts have helped me greatly in my research to find products to use in my own house. In looking for bathroom countertops over the past couple of years, I found the unique retro designs from Wilsonart, which were not available in my local stores. After finding a local fabricator, he was able to order the laminate and make my countertops. I used the Daisy pattern, in both Envy and Ice, in two different bathrooms.

I just came to your site tonight looking for flooring ideas and saw the link for the bathroom countertops. I was able to see the project using the apricot Daisy submitted by one of your readers, as well as the restaurant with some original counters/tables. Wanted to share that I also love this pattern! 

Debbie I.

Pam notes: Wilsonart Daisy is easy peasy to find and buy — right on Home Depot’s website here. You can get 8″x10″ samples direct, free, from Wilsonart.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    CarolK – the best part, in my opinion, were the photos of Nicole’s Grampa and her dad and uncles ad assorted others working together to make the house happen. These were all just regular guys who each knew a little something. WI author Mike Perry calls them “old guys” – not age related but they either knew how to do something or they knew how to figure it out.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Housekeeper’s room – like Hazel’s? Or Alice’s? Oh, my! Think how handy that extra room would be for today: sick kid, in-law’s, college/armed forces guests, foreign exchange…

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